I Haven’t Put A Label On It, and I’ll Tell You Why

“Lately, as hard as it’s been to keep up with my varying schedules, I have managed to begin a project I am indeed quite proud of thus far. What’s missing, you ask? The title. As I’ve spent more time with it, I’ve noticed that nothing seems to fit, and that is okay. I’ve always managed to begin writing under a title I’ve thought of before the story even ensues. This time, the situation is entirely different.”

I’ve always wished I could be a writer that could put words to a page without needing to fix things as I go along, but I find it so hard to continue until I do a little rewriting along the way. Trust me when I say that I’ve tried to write a manuscript without any direction, without any end in sight, (without chapter breaks!) and I couldn’t bring myself to get very far. I’ve taken a different route now that I’ve begun anew again. As I spend time trying to balance my workload with my writing, I find that because my brain is working overtime, I stay inspired.

I feel the need to get things done. I feel the need to pull my laptop out any chance I get and put words to paper. As strong as that feeling may be, I’ve tried to keep it at bay when I’m busy attending to my assignments or anything else that I may have going on. Which, can be rather tough to maintain. It is enjoyable, to be busy at all times, but when I burn out – I burn out hard. When my body and mind is tired, I feel like I need a week to recover. Realistically, I usually have a few hours to do that today, but I make the most of it where I can. Even if my novel lacks a title, even if the plot is still rather dry, I am busy trying to whip it into shape, and that is what matters.

“Find your balance, fill your planners, and get it done. Such a simple thing to say, such a tedious thing to execute. Your novel is waiting, give it the time it needs, get it down, and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment. There’s nothing else in the world like it.”

Love, Anisa Nasir (3)


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