Let’s Talk About Progress: NaNoWriMo – Week 1 Complete!

Current Word Count: 11,331

“It’s been quite a while since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this process. NaNoWriMo is something that does in fact take a lot of determination, and trust me when I tell you, there is indeed sacrifice involved. However, with that being said, I have realized that not only am I getting words on paper, the will to do just that is much stronger now than it usually is. I don’t believe that it’s because I am trying to reach a goal of 50k, I believe it’s because the process itself has renewed my love for writing. So, bringing the first week of NaNo to an end, I can definitely say it was a success.” 

It’s during times like these that I remember all the times I’d write a paragraph and feel like I’ve done something with my day. Now, I’m sitting down, writing two-three pages, sometimes entire chapters of my novel in one go. A change in my writing habit is exactly what I needed, and I am more than thankful I’ve managed to find myself back where I began. I know that I have quite a lot of work to do (rewrites, editing, maybe changing a lot of what the original plot would’ve been like) but, as I’ve begun to see the story take shape, I’ve noticed just how proud I am that I’ve finally been able to execute an idea that has been sitting on the back burner for way too long.

Granted, there are a lot of normalities I’ve given up this month to dedicate time to my book, but that in itself is a good change. I feel productive. I feel, as I write this thriller/suspense novel, like I am doing something important with my life. Now, that in itself is a feeling that’ll get you through anything. I’m quite surprised that I’ve managed to still allow myself to take part in all the leisurely activities that make me happy. I’m still watching all my favorite television shows, I’m still keeping up to date on all I want to learn, and I am writing my evenings away (sometimes mornings if I fall asleep too early).

Crunch time is slowly approaching, and I am going to have to be working on my novel a lot more than I’ve anticipated (this I know for a fact due to previous years of participation), but why, you ask? Well, that’s because I am the kind of person that rarely ever finishes anything due to the fear of it not being good enough. Not this time. This time, I’m going to work for it, even if I’m left with a mess of a manuscript. At least the story is there, at least it has some kind of foundation to turn into something I am undoubtedly proud of, something I can say I finally made happen.

Love, Anisa Nasir (3)


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