A Change in Perspective: There’s Always Something New to Write About

“I spend quite a lot of my time elucidating all that I want to change, all that I want to make better, all that I want to set in stone. Though, I do not spend nearly enough time reflecting on all the that has changed around me, all that has changed me. There are times when we stop to look in the mirror, and we realize that what we see is not what we could’ve ever imagined. I can certainly say that my life has immensely changed over the last few years, and I’m undoubtedly grateful for each and every one of those changes. It has influenced who I have become, and it will continue to influence what it is I want to accomplish later on in life.”

A moment of reflection is something that could reroute the entire course of one’s life, and if there’s anything that I’ve learned it’s that my best work, the work that I am proud of, happens during those moments. It is in those moments that I truly realize how much I’ve grown, and how driven I am to accomplish the goals I’ve set, so that I can say that I’ve found the fulfillment I’ve been looking for. I talk a lot about how much I want to change the course of my life, how much I want to make way on all the things I want to do, so much so that I forget what it means to appreciate all that I have done and all that I’ve learnt. 

“I always say that writing is a blessing. It has given me the kind of release I’m entirely sure I needed on various occasions throughout my life. I’d be a fool not to acknowledge that, as well as understanding that it is pointless to criticize myself on how much my writing is not what it used to be. It is different. I’ve accepted its differences, for it has shaped an entirely different outlook on my life, and I am able to gauge just how much of a difference it truly makes. So, for however much or however little I write, I know that it makes the greatest difference in my day, and in my life.”

I’ve noticed just how stuck I’ve been in self-criticism, and how much it has caused me to lose sight of actually being able to enjoy the words I put on paper, and that is no way to live. It may feel like a chore sometimes, it may feel like it isn’t working out sometimes, but just remember that you took to the time to make way. It’s easy to put all that we want to do on the back-burner for later, but it is the effort to start that makes the difference. There are going to be times when we write things that we aren’t proud of, but we should be proud that we’ve managed to write anything at all. For there are times when it’s hard enough to do even that.

Keep writing.


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