Take the Reins: With or Without Inspiration

“This past weekend has been one to really put things into perspective for me, and as I do say that for quite a lot of my liveable experiences, I truly feel the urge of self-realization creep up inside of me whenever I’m graced with the environment that gives me a taste of where I want to be in a few years. I’ve said before that I have quite the picturesque mess of a life that I wish to live, one where I never seem to stop writing, to stop reading, to stop believing in myself. I’ll be quite honest and say that writing is no easy task, creativity comes and goes, and there are going to be times when you’re going to have to take the reins, regardless of all the things you may need to do otherwise. It’s not about “finding the time to get it done” it is about feeding into the “want to get it done” because there is no other feeling that is greater than the sensation one may receive from creating something that they’re undoubtedly proud of.”

This past weekend I celebrated my 20th birthday. It was everything I’d thought it’d be and more, and that in itself is quite surprising. There’s not a thing about it I’d try to change. It is a string of memories I’ll hope to hold onto for a long time, because I’ve never felt so in my element, as I did the night I turned 20. I’ve busied myself over the years with all that I want to work towards later in life, and there are days that I truly regret wasting my time when I know I could’ve done better. Though, those times are gone now, and I have my future to look towards, I can make the most of the allocated time in front of me, in order to get to where I want to go. 

There will always be things that need improvement, there will always be times when I’m going to have to accept the responsibilities of a situation instead of wishing it’d be different or flat out complaining about it. It is always a learning experience, one that I am very thankful to have experienced thus far. It will change the way in which I see the world, the way in which I want to do right by all those that have done right by me over the years. I refuse to sit back and let my days go by without doing something that makes me happy, and for me, that is giving into my creativity and letting go of that fear that has built itself up over the years.

“I have the time now to do great things. I have the energy to do great things. Who am I if not someone that channels that time and energy into doing, creating, and becoming one of those great things? We all want to make someone proud, but we sometimes forget that we’re doing what we can, and every step is an accomplishment, for without them, we wouldn’t be who we are. Allow yourself to be free creatively, don’t hold yourself back from all that you want to accomplish. You’ll want to wake up one day and watch all that hard work finally pay off. It won’t be easy, but enjoy the ride, and keep at it. It’s never too late.”

Happy Writing!

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