Understanding Drive, and Approaching the Day

“Late blogging can most certainly be therapeutic, especially after quite a tiring weekend and a Monday that was absolutely what I needed to start the week. I’ve spoken quite a lot about finding balance when it comes to the things I want to do, and the things I have to get done. I can safely say, that balance is more prominent in my life now than it has ever been. That is particularly because I’ve begun to celebrate a lot more of what surrounds me, as it is an endless pool of inspiration. Surely, there will be times when I fall off the tracks a bit, but that drive remains. I want to get up and write. I want to fill my life with the kind of release that brings me joy. It truly is an experience worth the time and effort. Nothing feels better to me, than having my priorities in order, and getting things done.”

Inspiration is something I can never truly rely on. It is something that once it presents itself, I do tend to make the most of it, but I’ve learnt to use my time wisely whilst creating something even though I may find it tough to do so. People have always told me that writing is a waste of time, and those people surely can’t understand the mere pleasure of storytelling, of conveying a message in a beautiful way, reaching people in a way not many could. I can say that I’ve grown quite a lot through my writing, be it what I’ve turned to write about, be it how I begin or how I end a story, I’m always trying to challenge myself. I tend to take my time and write in genres I may not be too comfortable with but love to read, I tend to allow myself the limitless possibilities that will give me the chance to create something that resonates with me. 

“Don’t focus too much on the time you believe you’ve wasted. Focus on the time you have and utilize that time to the best of your ability. There’s no need to try to make up for the time that has gone, there’s only what you’ve learnt and how you plan to use that to grow.”

I love to make excuses as to why I can’t get every single thing on my to-do list done, and there comes a time when that itself becomes a burden. I’d like to think that I’d wake up every day and get four hours worth of writing done in twenty minutes, but that’s not the way things work (usually). I’ve started to make realistic to-do lists at the beginning of every day, as well as taking note of what I’d like to accomplish during the week. This way I’m not shifting things around too much, and putting things off until the next day (hoping I’d have more time, even though I probably had enough time to get it all done anyway).

“I try to fall asleep with my drive intact. I try to motivate myself before I sleep so that I know it’ll be there once I wake up, rather than trying to do that a little too early in the morning. How productive you are rests solely on how much you allow yourself to get done in a given time frame. Test the waters, understand what works best, and work your plan around that. Don’t try to focus on what everyone else is doing, as everyone has different goals. Find what works, and see it all the way through.”

Happy Writing!


  1. Hey Loons says:

    I love this. Well written, you’ve dissected the feelings of many bloggers with empathy and articulation. Makes me feel a lot less guilty about days-off too.

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