Book Review: “The Woman in Cabin 10” By: Ruth Ware

(I will not be revealing too much of the novel itself, for I’ll keep it to the general summary, and what I’ve thought about the book. Though, I do suggest you proceed with caution if you’d prefer to steer clear of any plot points before reading the book).

“If there’s one thing I love about good literature, it’s how it makes me feel. I want to be able to retain every word on the page, so that I can understand the story, the characters, and just how well written the entirety of the work is. When a book keeps me up at night, when I can’t look away, that’s when I know that it’s something incredibly captivating. I cherish that feeling, and any book that gives me that feeling. I can certainly say that after finally sitting down to read “The Woman in Cabin 10″ By: Ruth Ware, I felt incredibly satisfied with the way the plot developed, and how I was both content and longing for more when I finally got to the end. I stayed up all night with that book in my hand, and I’m glad I did. It was surely one of those novels that had me wrapped up in every bit of my emotions. All the while, leaving me with the urge to read it again.”

 “The Woman in Cabin 10” surrounds Lo Blacklock, who is a travel journalist that has set out on the luxury cruise liner, Aurora, to dazzle the elite guests in attendance, and network. She’s to be gathering information, reading over her press packet, and sending updates to her employer at the publication she works for. Lo finds herself deep in her troubles, finding it hard to focus on the task at hand, though she manages to make ends meet until her trip takes a dark turn for the worst. The days of enjoying life in the lap of luxury, were over before they started. Her encounters on the boat may have seemed quite normal, until the night she was jolted from sleep, truly believing she may have heard and seen much more than she could handle. All she’ll try to do is help, but that might land her in more danger than she anticipates. 

Lo Blacklock is a character that possesses quite a lot of depth. Right into the beginning of the novel, we see a side of Lo that will allow us to understand her actions later on as the plot develops. She may have been painted as a troubled young woman, but there is a sense of true dauntlessness in her character. She is the kind that understands her struggles, that chooses to persevere even when she gives into those relentless feelings, again showing how difficult it can be to deal with everything all at once.

What really hooked me in about this book was its plot progression. I didn’t feel as though I was being hounded by too many momentary details that I’d have to remember in order to really get the gist of the story. I was entirely enraptured by the pace of the novel, and when the pinnacle of the plot came around, I was ready. I haven’t been left with my mouth to the floor whilst reading in quite a while, but I certainly found myself audibly gasping (and you can probably tell that doesn’t happen too often).

Lo Blacklock certainly managed to stick it out when her patience was being tested, when her world was crashing down around her, and I hadn’t felt that kind of empathy for a character in quite some time. Needless to say, I do not feel like the novel fell short in any way. It carried out well and consistently all the way towards the end, and I couldn’t really ask for more. As I’ve said, I was left wishing I knew what happened next, but I was also given the closure I needed to finally close that book (and get some sleep, because I was up all of that night finishing it).


“I do hope that my little book review was something that made you want to give this book a read. I’m not the greatest at reviewing, since I have no expertise in the field, but I love books and I love sharing why I love the books I’m currently reading. This one really made me feel the urge to get up, get back to writing, and thoroughly inspired me to keep going. That’s the kind of feeling I live for. That’s one that certainly keeps me going.”

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