Lacking Inspiration Isn’t the End: Making Time to Pursue Your Passion

“Do you know what it feels like to write something rooted in the deepest sentiments we can conjure, without feeling them ourselves? Do you know how truly difficult it can be to write of something you’re not even sure you’ve ever felt before? Surely, we read quite a bit. We have an idea of what things are supposed to feel like, or what they’ve felt like in the past, but it’s always a toss up trying to recreate those emotions when we ourselves may have forgotten what they feel like entirely. Lately, in the time that I set aside to do some writing, whether it’d be personal or creative, I find that the lack of involvement in my life due to my busy schedule has left me out of those moments I’d be off enjoying myself, coming up with good story ideas on the spot. I talk quite a lot about learning to balance things in life, for it is something that I still struggle with to this day. Though, I truly feel like there is always going to be something to improve on. If we allow ourselves to do so, of course.”

There just aren’t enough hours in a day sometimes. You may wake up with the will to get everything you’ve set aside to do, done. Though there will be days where you find yourself a bit overwhelmed, not because you’ve underestimated your ability to do things, but because some things take precedence over others. Like for instance, I’m not (and never have been) a morning person. I know just how much I can get done if I get out of bed at six am every morning, but is that really realistic for me? Probably not. I’ve always said that learning what works best for you, is one of the only ways to truly maximize your performance. I work better in the evenings (now, I don’t mean working from 12 am-3am, but I focus a lot better before bed). So lately, I’ve been trying to switch my schedule around a bit, and not getting upset with myself if I take a little extra time to myself during the day. The truth of the matter is, those small things that you get done every day can sometimes take more time than you anticipate. Then you’re left with less time to get that overwhelmingly busy to-do list out of the way. Focus on your strengths, on the time of day where you perform at your best. At least for me, when I wake up from a good afternoon nap, and I’ve settled at my desk to get things done, I feel refreshed. I feel like I can get a good amount of work done, and head right back to bed.

I’ve picked up four online spring courses that have basically taken over my entire schedule. Every free moment I have is spent in front of my computer, taking notes, listening to lectures, and draining the majority of my creative energy. It may seem tough right now, I may not be writing as much as I would like, but what’s important is that I stick to my schedule regardless. Just because I’m not cranking out 1,000 words a day right now, doesn’t mean that I’m not making progress in the right direction. There are days when I very well, waste the entire morning (usually on Sundays when absolutely everything besides staying in bed seems unappealing), then the evening rolls around, and I have some of the best work sessions. Minimizing my stress levels have played a major part in my productivity, for I know that when my mind is busy worrying about all the things I need to get done, or worrying about something else entirely, I just can’t function. 

“We’re all human. We need to take time to feel sometimes, to deal with what life throws at us. There’s no reason to get upset at ourselves for taking the time to work through something, regardless of how small it may seem to other people. We do what we can, and every day can’t be a perfectly productive work session. That just isn’t realistic. You’ll find that when you stop worrying so much about absolutely everything, you’ll see just how much you’re going to want to work through all of those to-dos, and get into bed at a reasonable hour, so that you can wake up the next day feeling entirely accomplished (and nothing beats that!).”

I’m going to spend the rest of my evening wrapped up in my psychology lectures, and read my psychology textbook until I fall asleep. So that when I have more time to get things tomorrow, due to everything I do tonight, I can enjoy it all. I can allow myself to take a break every once in a while, and focus on the things that matter the most. As long as I keep writing, and creating, I’ll always carry around that feeling of fulfillment I need to progress in life.

Happy Writing!

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