Celebrating New Ideas + Finding Time For the Things We Love

“There are times where we can’t help but let circumstances get in the way of all of the things we need to get done, and there are times where we can’t seem to wrap our heads around why we’ve been submerged in an incessant wave of unproductiveness. This past week I can certainly say that I’ve done a good job of keeping up with my responsibilities, and I did manage to celebrate this weekend. I’ve also had the urge to sit down and get writing, and with just how much I’ve had on my plate lately, I haven’t gotten around to it. That just means that this upcoming week will be one where I find the time to celebrate all of the new ideas I have, and continue to work on being able to balance every aspect of my life (as best as I can). It is hard, trying to prioritize certain things, attempting to know what is most important when and what will, in turn, be most beneficial in the long run. I say, all the time, that we can’t expect to grow without putting our passions first, and I stand by that. That is one value that I’ve put into practice as best I can, so that I can constantly remind myself why I even bothered to start in the first place.” 

This blog has been such a constant in my life, something that allows for a kickstart at the beginning of the week so that I’m in the right headspace to get things done as the week progresses. prioritize the heck out of it as best I can because it comforts me to know that I’ve gotten all of my current thoughts down, and that I’m ready to work. Growing up, I always admired ambitious people. I always admired those who’d get up and get things done, even when the entire world is seemingly working against them. I grew up in an environment where this was a constant, where this was expected of me. It may have been a hard one to conceptualize as a young impressionable teen, but I’ve slowly learnt to value all that ambition has taught me over the years. 

That brings me to my next minor frustration that has taken up a lot of my time trying to deal with this past week. I hate backtracking. I hate feeling like I’m moving in the opposite direction, even if it is just temporary. So much so, when I know that I’m going to eventually feel like that again, I do everything in my power to convince myself that it’s not worrying over (and then spiral until my productivity level hits an all-time zero). Dealing with things head on, that’s the way to make things better. That is something that I still haven’t learnt how to do yet. I tend to opt out of those situations if I can, instead of trying to dissect them, to understand them. The only time that I find myself experiencing any form of anxiety anymore, is in regard to these situations. We’re human. We feel things. I’ve said this many times before, but no one is on a fast track to everything they’ve ever wanted without falling down a few times along the way. Now, as cliché as that may sound, it’s true.

“There will always be things that we can’t change, even though we truly believe that if we could, life could only get better. It’s not about putting those things on the back-burner so that you hope that it may one day work out, it’s about working through them so that you find yourself concerned with all of the right things, all of the things that will progress your will to continue creating, to continue working hard. That is the kind of change you can make, and one you should.” 

So, I’m going to spend the rest of the week focusing on my work, on my goals, on my wishes. I’m going to make the effort to work harder than I did last week, and give myself a break when I need it. I’m not going to pretend like my problems don’t exist, I’m going to work through them. That’s the attitude I hope to keep as the stress will eventually build, and I’ll be ready (instead of opting out of being productive entirely and feeling guilty for that decision later).

Happy Writing!

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