Good Books, Long Summers, and a Budding Plot

“Waking up with the intention of creating something beautiful will always be a feeling I hold dear. Though, when I haven’t felt it in a while, I do admit that it does begin to stress me. Everyone suffers from a lack of inspiration from time to time, and I know that right now, I am working towards getting back into that blissful flow I so happen to miss. I haven’t been doing the greatest job of balancing my aspirations with all that is currently going on in my life, and whilst I may be in such a great place, I do believe that I need to put more of my time towards the things that I love most. I wouldn’t want it to wither away into a fleeting memory that I may think about from time to time. Writing is something that has always brought me the utmost joy, and I will continue to work towards making the most of it.”

I have the time. I tend to look at all the things I need to do in a rather critical manner, so much so it takes up the greater chunk of the time I could be putting into something amazing. There is a lot of negativity that surrounds feeling too stressed out to let go and just write, and then comes the feelings of it not being good enough, or that it may be too late to begin again. All I have to say is that yes, I’ve been feeling like that as of late. However, I know that I’m not going to let it last. I believe in my ability to be productive, and whilst I haven’t been doing the greatest job of staying on top of all that matters the most to me, it is never too late to make something amazing happen. By this time next week, I do hope that I’ve managed to make some worthwhile progress.

There is quite a lot about our everyday lives that can either leave us entirely inspired, or lacking in that department completely. We get so consumed by our day-to-day activities that we forget to let ourselves enjoy all that makes everything worthwhile. The summer has just begun for me, and I have every intention of turning this around so that I can do what I love and dwell on that feeling of fulfillment for as long as I possibly can. Now, on the topic of getting back into my writing flow, I do need to allow myself time to read. Nothing puts me in the mood to write quite like a put together storyline, a beautifully produced film, or an immersive video game. I feel like I haven’t had the time to tend to any of those activities as of late, and that is also something that is going to have to change.

“A lot about my life has changed. A lot about my perspective has changed. When a writer loses her muse, it definitely brings things to a halt. More often than not, it is quite difficult to regain the confidence in your work when something that made you feel so deeply, just doesn’t exist anymore. I hadn’t even realized that I’ve been without it for quite some time, and it is time to look at it in a different light. This is a chance to accept my growth as a human being and channel into something new entirely. That effort alone should undoubtedly push me to do all that I’ve wanted to do as of late. Things may cloud your judgment, your ability to perform, but once you’re seeing quite clearly again, there is nothing that could possibly hold you back.”

Happy Writing!

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