Writing Your Masterpiece: “Don’t Set the Scene. Live It. Experience It.”

“When I begin anew, I sometimes forget to challenge myself. I sometimes forget to exercise my abilities as a writer. I get comfortable in what I know I’m able to accomplish, and I lose sight of all that I could be doing to grow. Lately, as I’ve been assessing my progress I’ve come to realize just how much of the “same” I’ve been doing. Yes, it may be easier, and yes it may make me feel good. Though, I’ve always said that I wanted to do more, and it’s time I take a step out of my comfort zone and make decisions in my creative work that may or may not work. I want to be uncomfortable for a while, I want to try new perspectives, and that I will.”

Your work deserves a chance. I’ve been back on track with my writing as of late, and it feels good to be getting some words down on paper again. As I sat down to write the prologue for a new project, it dawned on me that I’ve not been testing the waters as much as I may have wanted to. Yes, I’m taking the necessary risks with my plot, and yes I am trying to do what feels right, but I’ve forgotten what it feels like to try to work towards something entirely new to my writing style. It’s not about adapting a new way of writing, it’s about adapting a new way of being creative. 

I sat down to type the prologue I had handwritten, and as I looked at it, I realized that I wanted to change the perspective a bit. I wanted to detach myself from the storyline, so that I can put myself in the shoes of both of my main characters. I want to share the responsibility of the storyline with both of them, so that I can explore new depths of character development that may change my story for the better. I’ve always written from a first-person point of view, for I believed that it let me really connect with what was going on throughout the plot. However, I think that it is time to experience my story from multiple perspectives, so that I can work on doing more with my writing.

I’ve also noticed that I seem to write rather similar characters every time I begin a new story. Yes, the plot may be different, but the characters seem to follow incredibly similar attributes to a story I may have written in the past. That is because it is what I know. Now, it is time to learn a different approach, to practice a different approach so that I can make the most of the ideas I have.

As it goes for my productivity level, I do feel as though I’m making the necessary moves in the right direction. I no longer want to sit back and let the time pass, I’d like to give it to something worthwhile. What I write will not be perfect, nor will it ever be. As long as it makes me happy, that should be enough. I just need to get some words down on a page, as often as I can allow. I’ve been making sure that I dedicate at least an hour to my creative work a day. So that I know, even if the day gets busy, at least I’ve done something to aid my progression.

Happy Writing!


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