Project Planning and Progression: “Write Something, Exercise Your Creativity.”

“Feeding your creativity is necessary. I’ve spent the last few days enveloped in my work, giving myself the opportunity to exercise my creativity as best as possible. I am teaching myself how to not rely on outside influence to get me writing, and to keep me writing. Over the last week, I’ve let myself back into the world of limitless inspiration and artistry. I’ve put aside my fear of not being able to complete a project to my liking, and I’m focusing all of my attention on putting words down on a page. That is what matters. That is what counts.”

I get a little lost in the idea of what I want my piece to be. I start on a research expedition that may be one of the most exciting things I’ve done in a while, filling a document with all of these wonderful ideas I might one day implement. However, I spend too much time worrying about all of the unnecessary details instead of putting half of that effort into the actual construction of the piece itself. Those details are a nice thing to have put away, and they may play quite a big role in the story I’ve set out to write, but they should go hand in hand with how many words are actually being written. 

Sometimes I find that I wrap myself up in all of the details so I don’t have to begin right away. That is something I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing quite a bit lately, and that for sure has to change. Nothing is going to come out exactly the way we want it the first time around, and even if it does, there will always be time to improve on it a little. Sitting around waiting for the right form of inspiration to strike so that it can come out nearly as perfect as you imagine it, is entirely counterproductive. Getting up, opening a document or pulling out a page to get writing regardless, that is what makes the difference. That is what has made the difference for me over the last week.

I’ve also been making the effort to stick to a realistic writing schedule. Allowing for time to be creative, without giving all of that time to work on one singular outlet for my vision. I spread it out, allow for a good, well-rounded amount of creative work to be done, so that everything is progressing at a good pace.

Right now, I’ve given a good chunk of my attention to a small short story project that I can play around with, and work my way towards thoroughly completing it before I throw myself back into novel writing. That alongside my poetry, will keep me going as I regain my footing, and learn to juggle all that I want to effectively accomplish. I hope to be sharing some of that work right here, and on

Happy Writing!

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