A Writer’s Experience: “The Agenda, The Ambition, and The Action.”

“There’s a simple commonality of interest that ensures productivity, and brings comfort to those who wish to work hard in order to achieve success. As I’ve finally managed to return to scheduling my days, enjoying the little things, and allowing myself to be as productive as possible, I’ve noticed quite the positive change in the ability I possess to get things done. Practice becomes habit, and making time for the things that matter will indefinitely help the process. My schedule will progressively get more hectic during the next few months, but I have every intent of staying on top of my work, as I try to remain as productive as I truly want to be.” 

Planning is important. I’m one that is always in check with my planner so that I never miss anything of true importance. (Or, I at least try). When trying to juggle the work you want to get done creatively, and all of the other work in your life, planning can be tough and it may sometimes feel impossible. However, I’ve begun to set aside a little time in the mornings whether that means getting up a bit earlier than I would want, or stealing a few moments where I’d really want to lay around in bed and wake up naturally, to tend to my planning. I would once dread it. I would once schedule “Update Planner” in my google calendar, so that the alert would force me to do so. However, it has now become a habit, one that has changed the way I go about my days, and how much I can effectively get done as well. 

Around this time of year, I notice that I am the busiest. Though, I also notice that I get the most done, and I plan to take advantage of that opportunity so that I can progress as much as possible. I still have to allow myself time to be creative, even when life gets hectic, because that extra effort will make the greatest difference when I finally have the free time to use wisely. I would once have tiring days, in which I would put off all that I needed to do for a later date. “Tomorrow” became “never” and I learnt my lesson. You may not be at your best at the end of the day, and all you might want to do is climb into bed in the attempt to get it all done in the morning. More often than not, you’ll forget about it in the morning, or at least you’ll continually put it off. Productivity happens when you make the effort, and it can be difficult to stay on track especially when there is just too much to think about.

Don’t be afraid to plan ahead, and don’t beat yourself up too much about not managing to get every little thing done. We all have days where we just cannot do itand that’s okay. I’ve been keeping up with my schedule so far because it has been tame these last few days, but the true test comes when it grows longer and nearly everything is of true importance. That is when the effort is the most necessary, that is when the little that you do makes the most difference. Set aside a few minutes at the start of the day to think about all that you want to accomplish, and don’t be afraid to plan into your week. Though, it’s only as necessary as you make it. Tailor it to your liking, and it won’t overwhelm you. Eventually, you may even look forward to it.

Happy Writing!


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