Write More, Write Efficiently: “Developing Your Written World.”

“It is never easy to pick up a project again once it’s been neglected for quite some time. The initial drive, the initial fire may have been put out, and you’re left trying to salvage what is left of it. I can certainly say that I’ve begun to feel as though I’ve gotten my planning in order. I feel as though I’m being more efficient with my time, as I learn to allot some of it to tend to my writing. It is easy to put our creativity on the back-burner, to return to at a later date. It is easy to forget about it entirely, and instead of putting forth the effort to make it work, we seemingly assume that it just cannot be done “right now.” That is no way for a writer to live, that is no way to grow. The time is now, get writing.”

I don’t want to neglect my craft anymore. For the time in which I take to get everything out of the way in order to sit down and write, I begin to lose my creative fire. Any and all ideas I may have had get written down and forgotten about as I try to make sense of them when it is a little too late. Having the balance in your daily schedule to get some writing done is never an easy task, however, it is a fulfilling one. I am entirely guilty of starting, and stopping, and starting again. I will not be able to make any progress in my work unless I set aside the time, and really put the effort in. Not only do I have to plan for it, but I have to make sure that I follow through. 

These days, I’m constantly inspired. With all of the reading material provided by my University English courses, and all of the analysis in which I’m involved in, I’ve never felt more ready to get back into it. The fear of beginning again, looms over me once more, but that is just something that I’m going to have to shake in order to succeed. Things may not get done in the large quantities we expect them to, and sometimes it is a slow progression to successfully feeling the fulfillment of creating again. Though, it is worth it. Anyone that tells you that you’re wasting your time, has absolutely no idea what they’re on about. You’re putting the work in, you’re creating, because it brings you joy. Why would you keep yourself away from that feeling? That is a question I tend to ask myself a little too often.

There will always be too much to do, there will always be evenings where you can barely keep your eyes open, evenings where you’d rather forget all of your responsibilities and go off to bed. Do you know what fifteen to thirty minutes before bed spent writing, can do for you in the long run? Don’t expect to be writing four to five hours every day, with little to no exceptions. That does not come instantly. Take your projects in small progression, but work on them. Don’t let them sit around, collecting dust, waiting to be picked up again. If you work towards completing those small projects, you can move on to something bigger, you can begin to share more, you can spread that creativity across all of the platforms you may dwell upon. It all begins with sacrificing that small amount of time to work towards those goals. It is not enough to just plan for it, and not give yourself what you need to write efficiently.

“If the screen isn’t doing you any good, fill a page. If you need to do a rewrite, take that page to the screen. Do not feel as though your preferred writing process is hindering your ability to create quickly and effectively. It is not about how fast you get things done, it is how you spend your time, and how much you like the quality of your work at the end of it. Don’t let the little fears dictate your future writing career. It all begins when you say it does. Give it a go, and get writing.”

Happy Writing! (I’m off to give myself some time to do exactly that).

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