NaNoWriMo 2017: Week #2 Progress + “First Drafts Are Not Final Drafts.”

“This year’s NaNoWriMo still has quite the way to go, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to stay on track with my word count. I’ve had moments where all I wanted to do was start over, where I honestly believed that I would not be making it to the end. However, I do not believe that quitting is the answer to anything. Sometimes, I find it hard to pick back up again and continue exploring the realms of my creative process, as though I’ve begun to run out of ideas. Though, nothing is that far out of reach if one puts the time in when it is entirely necessary. There is still time to pick up and continue, and that is the struggle that we will all maintain until we’ve reached our final goals. It is when you wake up and the last thing you want to do is continue your project that you need to the most, and that is a lesson I still struggle with to this day. Just remember, first drafts are not final drafts. Get it all out, and you can fine tune later. You will fix all that you long to fix in due time, give it time and work at it with everything that you have. No good novel was written on an “I’ll do it later.” The effort makes the goal, so make the effort.”

I’ll admit, I’m finding it a bit harder this year than I initially anticipated. However, I am not too far behind and I can still make it to the end if I put in the time. The story has begun to unfold in a way that I am liking. Even though there are things that are nagging at me for a change, I know that if I head down that road, I’ll never finish on time. Nothing can be perfect the first time around, nothing can come out exactly the way you want it on a whim, for it needs time to grow, it needs time to be assessed so all of the pieces of the story fit together. I have realized that I am really going to have to put majority of the effort in when the editing process rolls around to get the desired effect, but that excites me. It keeps me going, and it keeps me writing. 

I truly believe that creativity needs to be exercised to be maintained, and we can’t expect to write our best work if we’re not as involved as we used to be. That’s why it’s necessary to put the time in, to keep working, and to make it everything you want it to be. My characters are currently engaging in the first introduction of any climax in the novel, and I’m having fun with it. Writing is a hard task, but it should also be enjoyable. I know just how good I feel once I’ve had a good writing session, for it keeps me on track with a variety of other things going on in my life. We can never truly be prepared for where our writing is going to take us, nor will we ever be sure just how much it can affect us. The more I get involved with the piece that I’m currently working on, the more the ideas start to flow. Just because you may be stuck, just because the ideas aren’t flowing like they used to, doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your spark. It just means that you need to change things up a bit, for you may just need a bit of variation to get things back on track.

Currently, the plot line is moving along quite nicely, and things are starting to make sense the way I want them too. I have two headstrong characters that are very sure of what they want out of life, and as they begin to experience their troubles separately, one specific circumstance will bring them together, and that will be a defining moment in the piece. I want to challenge them both, to break out of the molds I’ve set for them, and see what that can do for my novel. It may be a great thing, it may not work out, the only way I’ll figure any of that out is if I get back to it.

Happy Writing!


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