NaNoWriMo 2017: An Update and the Pressure to Finish On Time

“This NaNoWriMo has been increasingly difficult as the end of the month continues to near, but I am doing the best I can to keep it together, and to keep writing as much as I can. There were a lot of obstacles to overcome this year, but I am holding on and determined to do as much as I can to reach my goal. There are ten days left to get it all done, and if I truly plan accordingly, it can be done on time. I’ve noticed that I haven’t been as on schedule with this year’s process as I had been in the past, and that is because I am still trying to get a handle on picking up where I left off where my creative process is concerned. I am prepared to do as much as I can to keep things moving, and I am also prepared for what is to come if I somehow do not manage to finish on time. At the end of the day, I am writing again, I am enjoying the process, and I am happy with what I’ve written. Those are the things that matter the most, and they will certainly give rise to greater things as time inches on.”

I’ve been at this point before. I’ve felt the intensity of this pressure to finish on time before. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that in these moments we really do feel like giving up, and the one thing that we need to do is to keep at it. To ignore the little voice that’s telling you that there’s no way you’re going to pull through, for no form of progression was ever formed that way. You can pull through. I’ve found that I haven’t been producing as much as I usually do, nor have I been as constantly inspired, and that is alright. The only thing that matters now is putting the time in to reach our goals, whether that’d be finishing on time, or just getting to a comfortable word count. It’s been a slow year, and accepting that is much better than trying to pretend like it hasn’t been. 

Writing is a process that needs constant practice, in my opinion. For it is only when one writes constantly that they are able to truly enjoy the process, and to rid themselves of some of the stresses that come with trying to bring a project to fruition. I’ve done more editing during this month than I’d like to admit, but it is now that I am letting go of my hindrances to do what I can, to do the one thing that truly brings me joy. I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like leaving this idea to rot in a folder with all of the other unfinished pieces, for it is one I am truly excited about. When you start to feel like the pressure has become a little too much, and you get the urge to change just about everything, take a moment to remember how excited you were to start. It’s about the mindset, it’s about what you do with it.

We have ten days. Let’s do this.

Happy Writing!



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