A Writer’s Road Map to Overcoming Writer’s Block and Restoring Creativity

“Have you ever taken a moment to look back on how you utilized your creative process in the past? I read a post I had written from about five years ago, and from the very first sentence, I could tell just how invested, just how excited I had been. I was entirely sure of what I wanted, where I wanted to go, and how I needed to get there. Losing sight of such goals can cause us to fall into ourselves, and thus making creating just about anything, increasingly difficult. Why did you start writing? What prompted you to set out and tell a story that’s entirely your own?”

I speak quite a lot about how hard it is to balance our writing process (and or schedule) with our daily lives, as well as the impending pitfalls we may experience. However, I have realized that I have not sat down in a while to write about what it is that keeps me going, that keeps me writing. I had quite a bit of time this weekend to conduct a reevaluation of what I wanted to get out of what I was doing, and where the effort and the work (or lack thereof) was not cutting it anymore, because not only had my progress lost its way, my heart had as well. It was almost as if I had lost sight of why I was even doing it at all, and that is something I certainly never want to experience again. A lot of my inability to function creatively as of late has to do with the fact that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been more conscious (or too conscious) when it comes to taking risks with my writing. 

I can certainly remember a time where I’d sit down for hours and write, not caring how it would turn out, not caring about whether or not my sentence was grammatically correct or that every scene lined up with the initial plot. It wasn’t a system, it wasn’t a scheduled series of events, it was natural. Thus, since then, I’ve continued to make the conscious effort to let go of the mechanics for a while, to write as I see fit, and to enjoy it. It is not only about acknowledging where those issues might be, but it is also doing just as much to make sure that you work through them. In this case, I needed to take a step back, to reevaluate, and to experience once more what it feels like when you have a natural idea spring, when you’re excited about the journey you’re about to embark on, and just how much you’ve fallen in love with the process itself.

The Checklist:

  • Maintain Your Inspiration [x]
  • Spew Your Feelings Out Onto the Pages of a Journal [x]
  • Do What Feels Right, Not What You Think Might Be Better Later On [x]
  • Write Because it is Fulfilling, Write Because You Love It [x]
  • Remember That Bad Days Will Arise, and You Will Overcome Them [x]
  • Always Continue Your Craft [x]

I want to explore the realms of my outlet, to write something that challenges my mind, and to give rise to all those dreams I’ve been harbouring for all of these years. I shall write something I’m proud of, something that continually excites me and so should you.

Happy Writing!


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