A Cup of Tea, a New Moleskine, and Endless Possibilities

“Nothing feels better than cracking open a new notebook to start planning out your next great adventure, and it feels even better to be pages deep into it. I’ve been mapping out the possibilities of a new piece, falling in love with character traits and intense plot lines that have begun to emerge. It is certainly harder to get things done when there is no pressing deadline to work towards, but I’ve been making sure to stick to an appropriate schedule so that something is always getting done. It has started to get colder out, and that means I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time indoors with a cup of tea, living vicariously through my characters. It’s a comforting time, to write a piece that’ll make me feel accomplished, that’ll make me feel like I’ve kept up with all that I’ve set out to do. Make time for your craft, enjoy the process, and create something beautiful. Your story could really make a difference in someone else’s life.”

“Character charts, setting outlines, overflowing pages of plot points that somehow connect, are all things that make me appreciate what truly goes into writing something worthwhile.” I like having something to refer to when I’m knees deep into the plot, so that I can remind myself of who my characters were when they started as well as just how much their lives have begun to change as I sit here and write the end of the road for each and every one of them. I also quite favour a blunt beginning, something that is so incredibly to-the-point it’s hard to separate the action from the introduction of the character. It usually always begins with something incredibly terrible, but I suppose that’s just how mystery/thriller pieces go, and it always gives the story a lot to work off of. My biggest reoccurring action in my creative process is asking myself, “Would anyone expect this from earlier on? Is really a surprise?” I want to challenge the plot line to still encompass a good flow whilst always giving an intense plot twist somewhere in there. I want to read it back and audibly let out an, “I didn’t expect that.”

It’s hard to stray away from habits when they’ve begun to truly present themselves within your writing, for me, I’m always starting off with characters that already have quite large personalities, so it’s very hard for them to grow as the storyline continues to progress, but with my current project, I’m allowing for my main character to truly begin with little knowledge of what is truly going on. I want to see just how much she’ll be able to change before all of the situations she faces gets the better of her, for she is the kind of main character that has maintained her sense of perseverance from the very beginning. There’s something about her personality that seems to be quite off, but it does make her much more interesting than those I’ve written before her, so I’m excited to see where it all goes.

“It’s necessary to be excited about the work you’re doing, about what you’re choosing to explore, for it should give you the same satisfaction you feel when you’ve read something inspiring, something that gives you the sense of surprise and the comforting closure to wrap it all up. Writing a piece can very well become a part of you, it can very well change your life, your perspective, and your ability to write more consistently when you have something that you’re truly proud of to remind you of what you’ve accomplished thus far.”

Happy Writing!

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14 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea, a New Moleskine, and Endless Possibilities

  1. Hello, Anisa! So, I read a few of your posts and it seems to me that you take writing very seriously indeed! It’s like a part of you, and that’s just beautiful to witness. You also seem very beautiful, as a person! 🙂
    Also I was wondering, If I could write you something? If you’d like that!

  2. Hello! So I wrote you something! I didn’t write a long one because well it’s the first time, and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable! You can suggest the title! 🙂
    And I’ll put it!
    Good morning, beautiful!

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