A New Year: Current Projects, Habits, and What a Fresh Start Can Do

“The holidays are officially over and I’ve been away from blogging for a bit, but I can certainly say that it feels wonderful to be back at it again. I did sit down at the beginning of the year to decide on a variety of changes I’m planning to implement this year, and ones that will remain a constant as the year progresses if I have anything to say about it. Since the year began, I’ve truly felt as though I have a handle on things, and I wake up excited to get back to work. That is a feeling I’ve been hoping to experience again for the last few months, and I know that it will aid me in completing all that I wish to accomplish this year. I can’t quite conceptualize why I had been on a such a creative low the past few months, but if I’ve learnt anything is that a little effort can get you much farther than you may realize. There were some days where I’d do the bare minimum and truly feel quite accomplished, but now I can do that and so much more. It is entirely because I want to, and no longer because I feel as though I have to.”

I’ve always favoured a fresh start. I started the year off on the right foot, and the past week has put me so far out of my comfort zone, I’ve begun to realize just how much the effort for change can really put things into perspective. I decided to really take the break I needed between Christmas Day and New Year’s since it was really the only time off I got from University to sit down and decided what was going to change once 2018 came about. The first thing I decided upon was to start doing all of the things I said I was going to do later on, as well as all the things I could potentially put off for a later date, whether that’d be schedule out some real time to get a good chunk of my writing done or to clean my apartment regularly. Since I’ve returned home, those changes have been implemented, and they’ve had such a good impact on just how much work I’m able to do during the day. 

I have a few classes in which I’m going to have to do quite a bit of reading this semester, and instead of putting off the novels for the inevitable end of them not getting done at all, I’m going to actually start picking the ones that truly resonate with me, and commenting on them through a blog post or two (depending on the book). I want to give my blog a good sense of a new beginning as well, for as much as I like to write these inspirational start-of-the-week posts, I don’t want that to be the only thing I accomplish during the week. This year means a longer blogging schedule, more content, and sharing the writing I’m doing with the world (as well as speaking on the progress I may be making).

Implementing a time frame for when I post my blogs is also something that has been lost over the past year, and something I needed to pick up again. That means preparing, that means writing things before the absolute last minute like I’ve been doing as of late. Having a piece prepared is one of the best feelings to put me in the right mood to get a good amount of work done, for it feels as though I’ve already accomplished something. That will be a change I truly enjoy.

My biggest change of all will have to be utilizing my free time to the best of my ability for I know that things will inevitably get busy, and I can’t use that as an excuse for not doing what I absolutely want to be doing, and that is writing. A fresh start can work wonders, and for me it was exactly what I needed to kickstart my productive year.

Happy Writing! (and a late Happy New Year!)


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