An Update on Life and My Experience Writing From My Antagonist’s Perspective

“Here’s to hoping for yet another productive week. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten rather good at making sure everything that I need to do is thoroughly planned, but when it comes to actually sitting down to execute all of those to-dos, I tend to shift too much off to be done on an upcoming day. (That is not how progress works, my dear). However, I’ve been making a great amount of effort to actually maintain somewhat of a writing schedule in the midst of all the things I do need to get done on a daily basis. Taking a break from thinking about it all too hard has definitely assisted me in making progress, and I’ve been enjoying it immensely. I’ve been trying out a variety of different perspectives to see which would potentially be the best fit for what I’m trying to convey in my narrative, playing with different characters, testing out possible plot points. It’s definitely getting easier trying to balance my student life with my aspiring writer’s life, but it’s something that takes constant effort (if I want it to pay off in the long run).”

This past week had been a productive one, but I’m still trying to get a vast amount of things done during the day that I know I won’t actually be able to accomplish. Though, crossing a variety of things off my to-do list definitely puts me in a good mood, and definitely leave me feeling like I could continue on my productivity streak. Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting all of the important things done, utilizing my time to the best of my ability, and making sure I have time to write. It feels good to go to bed at the end of the day knowing that I’ve set myself up for the next day to be just as productive, whether that’d be with University life, or where my writing is concerned. It’s very easy to fall off the wagon again, and it’s very difficult to regain your footing once you do, but it’s trying to maintain that sense of productivity that remains to be something I am still trying to grasp. “Just stop thinking about all of the things you have to get done, and get up to do something about it. I know you’re tired, and you think you could potentially get a nap in and do it all later, but you know that isn’t going to work this time,” she says yet again.

I have that issue where once I get home for the day, my productivity level begins to plummet, and that is certainly something I am working on. (No one wants to continue venturing outside unnecessarily in this winter weather, that’s for sure). If you’re not currently in a productive space, change a few things. Surround yourself with things that inspire you, and remind yourself of why you’d want to get all of these things done in the first place. 

I’ve kept up quite well where my writing is concerned, for I’ve settled on the main idea and I’ve lined up a good variety of characters. I’ve decided to take a different turn where my writing ability is concerned, for I usually centre around the protagonist as my main source of storyline, but this time I’ve decided that I want to explore the vast character traits and variation present in my antagonist’s personality. It doesn’t come naturally to me, writing from my antagonist’s point of view, and it is certainly challenging, but it does give a different take on the novel that I didn’t quite expect upon starting it. Though, once again, I’m not going to restrict myself, nor am I going to try to perfect anything. I am just going to write it out, and see where I go from there. Once I’ve made good enough progress on this story and I see the direction in which it’s taking, I’ll be sure to post it on here as well as my wattpad account:

Anisa Nasir | Wattpad

I do hope that I’ll have some lovely reading material to share with you all soon.

Happy Writing!


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