An Inspiring Start to the Week and Redefining Writing Constraints

“Progress is an incredible feeling. The true start to a new project can redefine the way in which you respond to what you’re putting out into the world. I remember when I first began thinking about starting anew earlier this month, and I knew that it had come a time now for me to just let go of any potential limitations and just explore my options. So far, I can certainly say that it has paid off. Sometimes, it can be difficult to try to alter your writing style, or “change things up” when you’ve gotten accustomed to one way of effectively doing things. However, it can be refreshing. It can even kickstart a new thread of discussion about your project that you may have never considered. My current plans for this project specifically is to garner enough written material to upload to both Wattpad as well as on here, so that seems to be the first few chapters. As long as I continue to write, (and I get over the fear of initially sharing my progress), I can certainly begin to give a new feel to the content I’m producing – which will in turn inspire me to continue working towards my goals.”

Last evening I finally settled on the direction for my current mystery/thriller piece, and I am quite happy with what has come of it since then. I’m going to work at getting as much of it completed in the next week or so, so that I can finally start sharing my content again. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing things I am proud of, tucking them away into a folder, and alas they are never seen again. One of the major changes I wanted to implement with the start of the new year is to stick to a schedule so that I can realistically do what I love without the constraints of being pressed for time, or being afraid of an angle that the story might take. 

It dawned on me when I began writing this mystery/thriller piece, that I was in fact breaking a lot of my own rules without knowing it. I started writing very effortlessly again, and with that came the realization that the thorough exercising of my creativity was beginning to pay off, because now I had begun to write something that I enjoy. Something that I look forward to continuing when I come home after a long day. Something that I can’t wait to share. The thing that has been holding me back from getting far enough in the completion process of a project is that I’ve been too afraid of the outcome to see it through. I’ve been filtering myself when it is entirely unnecessary, and that is just no way to do things. I wanted to write something that would merge all that I found interesting, something that would keep people on their toes until the very end. I appreciate when a story has a lasting impression, for that is what keeps me working.

Lately, I’ve been quite good with keeping up with both my academic work and my creative work. I’ve been putting in the extra time to get it all done, so I could then allow myself to have the break I need (and deserve) after a productive evening. We can’t expect to turn it all around overnight if we’ve been in a rut, and nor can we expect to jump back onto the productivity wave we may have experienced in the past. What we can do is change the little things, stay inspired, allow yourself to ride out the bad days, so you can make room for the days in which you get excited to return to working on your next project. As for me, I am going to try to make the most of what’s left of this Monday, get my work done, make progress on my novel and hopefully have something to show for it soon.

Happy Writing!


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