Monday Blues: Writing Challenges, the Betterment of Ideas + Poetry

Wisteria and Winter Mornings

Wet pavements stained, the swallowed detachment of tainted fallacy
A violent transcendence of sweet frailty
She bit her tongue, she tampered with her expressions
The piercing bloom of an isolated, unexplored fog
As she rose, her fingers brushed up against floral reminiscence.
She could not rid herself of the fragrance of a life she once knew,
Of the replication of a vague beginning madly sought after
She gave into her habits, she spoke of her disasters
And yet, the sweet hunger that settled within her
Gave her the sudden urge to rehearse her words,
To revisit, to resist, to listen to all that she has done
For it has become her, it has undertaken her.
She was nothing more than a winter dream,
A woman that harboured her blanketed peculiarity
The world before her cold, and she looked on from frosted windowpanes
A love for the chill of frigid austerity.
She knew then, her mornings would never be the same.

Copyright © 2018 Anisa Nasir
All Rights Reserved

“The progress is exciting, and the movement towards finishing the project has left me with an incredible feeling of fulfillment. Writing without constraints, allowing myself to continue to not only grow as a writer, but to actually be writing in a timely fashion, really opens up the floodgates to the possibilities I’ve been coveting all month prior. I will hopefully be posting the prologue up here later in the week (and that begins the incentive to keep writing). Juggling all of your responsibilities with that of all that you want to be doing is never easy, and I’ve reiterated just how important it is to set aside some time to make progress, and just how much that’ll pay off in the long run. The week is certainly off to a great start, and all I can do is keep the productivity wave going.”

I’m finally ready to begin sharing my work again. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve actually posted anything that I’ve written on here (or anywhere else for that matter). I’ve just been so consumed with the fear of starting to post and never finishing a project, but it seems that I’ve finally managed to let that go. Trying to stick to an appropriate schedule to manage my productivity is difficult sometimes (because things are just always changing), but I just want to go to bed every night knowing that I did my absolute best. That is where the fulfillment lies for me. 

Above is a poem that I wrote a while ago, and I was incredibly happy with (but yet it fell behind and was never posted), but there it is, beginning a wave of potential scheduled posts of content that I’ve written (that aren’t about productivity). I just want to begin exploring again, what it means to write from the perspective of characters that challenge me, that allow me to really refine my writing style and continue to line up finished projects at the end of every year. 2017 was an unproductive year for me as a whole, and I won’t let 2018 follow in its footsteps. Forgetting about what it is that’s holding you back, even if it’s just for a little while, can really jumpstart your progress into something you’re undoubtedly proud of. I can’t call myself a writer if I’m not putting words down onto paper, and I can’t be proud of my progress if my document remains blank.

I’ll say that everything is a learning curve, and even though we may have a concrete idea of everything we need to be doing (or everything we want to be doing), that doesn’t mean that things are necessarily going to turn out that way. What matters most is how you begin to assess your situation so that you can tailor your writing and your work to meet your needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s thirty minutes or fifteen minutes, what matters is that you’ve set aside time to begin. I’m excited to begin posting on Wattpad again, as well as sharing my writing right here on my blog. Much more to come!

Happy Writing!


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