Revisiting Old Inspirations and Basking in Well Written Prose

“The inspiration can be so positively staggering, and for the first time in a while I am truly understanding what it means to call myself a writer. I’ve spent too much of my time not writing because I had been harbouring this everlasting fear of the end product not being what it is I envision, but I’ve been working on letting go as well as letting my imagination run wild for a change. For quite some time, my work just wasn’t feeling as authentic as it used to, and that’s because there was too much blocking my creativity. I’m ready to begin making a colossal difference in the way I do things, and all that I need to work past to make sure that I am doing all that I can to meet my goals.”

I’ve made a variety of big (and necessary) changes in my life, and I can already see just how much of a positive impact each and every one has had on me thus far. I’ve based a lot of my written content on experiences I’ve dealt with in my past, even if they are minor occurrences in a novel, they have deep rooted meaning that resonate with me. That is one thing that has been missing from all of the current projects I’ve started but couldn’t continue. Nothing about what (little) I’ve been putting down on paper felt personal, and that was a major problem in my branching out process. I refused to include anything that hit too close to home, and that for sure has begun to change. It could be something as simple as a character trait, but it could make such a difference in the way I continue the piece as well as how it’s received. 

I’ve always been one to quite like giving my characters a lot of depth and development throughout the story, as well as entertaining the idea of completely evolving their characters as the story reaches its climax. The story that I’m currently writing surrounds a character that does not have much of a moral compass, and I’ll admit that it has been hard writing from her point of view knowing that she could potentially turn out to be the sole antagonist in the entire story. There are times when it is necessary to let go of all the worry to perfect what you’ve put down on paper, and instead appreciate that you’ve actually taken the time to work on your project, because I’ll admit that I do fall behind with it sometimes. Writing is a process that does not come without it’s challenges, nor is it something that I’ve ever found easy, but I know just how much joy and fulfillment it brings me, and that alone is a reason to continue doing what I love.

There is absolutely no reason to critique your work so harshly if you’ve only just begun. Allow it to take form, allow it to become something before you start tearing it to shreds. It feels good to look back on your work and appreciate just how far you’ve come, and that is something that I’ve learnt to implement once in a while rather than run away from. It has made such a difference in the way I view what I currently have down, as well as all the words yet to come. Keep at it.

Happy Writing!


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