She Was Busy Doing What She Loved

"Sometimes, there is pure bliss in the simple distraction of a comforting weekend. It was certainly one I absolutely needed as I began to prepare for what exactly this week is going to entail. There was a time where I'd spend quite a bit of time stressing over ever little detail of every project I had [...]

How I Manage My Stress, and How I Stay Productive

"Another productive Monday," she said as she finally began to feel like herself again. The feeling of finally being back on track is immeasurable, and I certainly missed feeling like I'm accomplishing things throughout the day. It's very easy to give into the impulses to do absolutely nothing, to waste the free time you actually do have, and to [...]

A Reflection on my Personal Narrative: “Finally 21”

"We all envision different chapters of our lives differently, and there are times when we place too much pressure upon things that have inevitably changed over time. It's been a long time since I've sat down to write anything remotely personal, for I usually like to integrate it into my fiction, but I've noticed just how important it [...]

Utilizing Personal Experience and Letting it Feed Your Work

"For some time now I had been separating my writing from experience, and this resulted in feeling as though my work was turning out inauthentic. Recently, I've been allowing myself to check my fears, to utilize them, draw from them, and not apologize for what they've taught me. The question always remained, "What would people think when they [...]