She Was Busy Doing What She Loved


“Sometimes, there is pure bliss in the simple distraction of a comforting weekend. It was certainly one I absolutely needed as I began to prepare for what exactly this week is going to entail. There was a time where I’d spend quite a bit of time stressing over ever little detail of every project I had been working on, but as the days get busier, the time I have to do anything is – just enough. Trying to grasp the focus necessary to do some of the things we really don’t want to be doing can be challenging at times, but it is when we do them anyway that we realize just how good it can feel to make the effort in aiding our progression. Some things seem easy, some things weigh on our minds until we’re able to get them done to the best of our ability, and I’ve been learning to keep my productivity level intact, utilize my time, and work towards those achievable goals of mine.”

The busier the schedule, the more I find myself getting things done. Lately, it hasn’t been much of a struggle to get myself up and working, and the progress I’ve been making is evident in an array of completed to-do lists and happy planner pages. I’ve noticed however, that in light of my new wave of productivity, I’ve been a little overworked, tired, and in need of a proper wind down. (I noticed this when I began writing things under the wrong dates in my planner, not good). The next thing that I need to take into consideration is how much sleep I’m actually getting, and the quality of sleep I’m getting. Surely, it’ll be difficult to fall asleep before 3 am with all that is gnawing at my mind to get done, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary to maintain the following day’s performance.

I made that very mistake last night, for I wasn’t able to get enough sleep and it completely disrupted my Monday. I always utilize my Monday schedule to set me up for the rest of the week, and if things get out of hand I find myself struggling to keep it together – Though, I managed to work a bit overtime this evening and get all that needed to be done urgently, completed without worry. I know that I’m not capable of working at my best at all times, no one is, and that is why it’s important to truly make what you can of days like this. My Monday certainly did not go as planned, but I am ready to work just as hard as I would’ve if it did, to make sure that the rest of my week remains utterly productive.

It’s crunch time now, this week especially and I know that I’ll be needing a well rested body and a stress free mind to see it off without a hitch. What matters is that I’ve set myself up to do the most with my time, and to make the most of what I’ve already managed to accomplish. – “It isn’t impossible, it just isn’t done yet.”  Prioritize your tasks, don’t worry about the state of your planner, and all that hasn’t been accounted for when you know there’s something urgent that needs to be finished. Get it done, write it down, and cross it off your list – along with the rest of your to-dos at a pace you find comfortable. It is time for me to do exactly that, and get into bed at a relatively reasonable hour for once.

Happy Writing!


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