Don’t Let the Stress Get the Better of You: “Working Through Your Stress and Maintaining Progression.”

“There is a healthy way to do just enough, even when you absolutely do not feel like doing anything. Or, when you’re convinced that you can get it done later. Lately, I’ve managed to stay consistent. I leave my weekends as free as possible, picking up the slack throughout the week to make sure I am putting in as much effort as necessary. With all the free time that is slowly approaching, I have begun working on a schedule to maintain this level of productivity when my “actual” tasks begin to dwindle. For the worst thing is to let the entire day pass you by without accomplishing anything. We’ve all had days when we’ve slept in a little too long, when we struggle to get out of bed, and end up finally starting the day around 4 pm. I usually only have a luxury like that on a weekend, and with my classes coming to an end this term and my exams finishing up, I’ll have many more days that’ll feel like the weekend. However, the only difference will be now, instead of a to-do list full of assignments, it’ll be a to-do list full of projects I have yet to complete.”

It’s incredibly exciting, having the time once more to get back to the things you love most. I have quite a few plans for the rest of the month as well as the entirety of May. There’s going to be a lot of writing to get done, a consistent writing schedule that is going to be made, as well as finishing up a good chunk of those projects sitting in my “Unfinished” folder. It is very easy to fall into the pattern of getting up, doing a few minor things and calling it a day when you know you have a month and a half of time to supposedly get all of these things done. Though, that is one feeling that I would certainly like to avoid. I want to be able to plan my days out more consistently, allowing myself an appropriate schedule to get these writing projects done. 

“It isn’t easy creating a schedule for yourself knowing that you don’t have any deadlines. For, we can sometimes feel that those deadlines can be “moved” depending on how much progress we make. That certainly isn’t going to make progression any easier, so it’s important to set realistic deadlines, giving yourself enough time to complete it, and so you’ll have to work on it consistently to make sure it’s completed by your set date.”

I can be the person that gets absolutely everything done on time (when it comes to my own deadlines), for I don’t take assignments or work deadlines lightly – they always get done. Although, when it comes to my writing, I will admit that I do slack depending on how much time I have available. With the end of the month slowly approaching, and the coming of May, I want to be making the kind of progress I know I’m capable of, so when I sit down to write my weekly blog post, I can share my work with you as well as my journey to see it through to the end.

I do hope that you all have a productive week!

Happy Writing!


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