Your Hard Work Will Pay Off: Staying Productive and Accepting Change


“Change is something we all experience on an everyday basis, and lately I’ve been experiencing it on a much larger scale than usual. There are a lot of new responsibilities in my life now, and a lot that I still have to get used to. However, I can certainly say that I’m happier than ever. For the first time in a while, I am entirely content with the way in which things seem to be going, and all of the hard work is starting to amount to something. Whether that’d be my personal fulfillment or something more, I know that it’s within those difficult moments of stress, that the most worthwhile progression has been made. Sometimes, we bite off more than we can chew, and all that we can do is try to make everything make sense again. I’ve noticed a halt in my creative process over the last few months, but I’ve managed to pick up, I’ve managed to continue, and that in itself, is something to be proud of.”

I like to stay busy. I don’t particularly like experiencing a large amount of free time too often, and that is something that I am currently experiencing. We always say that: “If I had time to write, I would.” or “If I could just have a few days to myself, I’m sure I can get it all done.” Though, the fact of the matter is that each and every one of us performs better in different scenarios. When I’m presented with too much free time, I find it hard to schedule myself and continue working on a creative project even though I know that I have time to complete it later. Taking the initiative to get things done anyway – now that’s what separates someone who wants something from someone who wants to achieve something. 

I’ve been so caught up in the ease of my everyday life lately that it’s been hard to pull out my laptop and get back to a novel, especially if I’m dealing with anything time-sensitive, or if I’ve used my free time to spend with family or friends. There are times when even though we know we should be doing something, we just can’t find a way to begin (and or continue). It can be difficult to rid yourself of the fear that you’re not making the most of your time if you finally sit down at that computer and write something. I know I face that fear quite often, and once I get something down – even if it’s just a few sentences, the urge to continue finds its way back into my everyday life.

I’ve been trying to utilize my time to get back to reading, to exercise my writing, and to deal with all of the wonderful changes that are slowly emerging throughout my day-to-day life. Dedicating a half hour to an hour to my book does not seem like a difficult task at all – it’s sitting down to write that can prove to be an issue. Though, the truth is that if you really want something, if you really have a goal, you will find a way to make it work. If you really don’t feel like working on your novel, but you know that you want to finish that book, you’ll write anyway. It’s about how much effort you’re truly putting towards your goal, so you can reach it. So you can understand that fear as well as overcome it, so that many greater goals may be reached in the future.

Happy Writing!


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