Summer Writing Goals: What I’m Bringing to the Blog + a Minimalist Makeover

“Lately, something hasn’t been sitting right with the content I’ve been creating. I haven’t been excited to get up in the morning and do the one thing I love to do – write. Something needed to change, whether that was my stress level or the environment in which I had been, I can certainly see a difference now. I have begun to outline a writing schedule that works for me, something that allows me to create content that I’m proud of and eager to share with the world. I’ve been afraid, afraid of exercising my creativity – of sharing stories that I’ve fallen in love with writing. All of that has begun to change. I’ve given my blog a much needed minimalist makeover that will allow me to focus on my content as well as tailor my site to the poetry, short stories, and eventually novels that I will be writing. I’ve made it my mission to change the way I’ve been handling my writing, as well as all of the dreams I do have. Nothing is done overnight, and it’s important that I tackle and share all of the obstacles that may be standing in my way.”

Let’s Talk About Content

For the majority of 2017 as well as into 2018, I’ve spent a lot of my time sharing my writing journey and the difficulties in which I’ve faced. However, I haven’t exactly shared much of my written content, and that’s because I’ve been relatively too afraid to do so. I’ve taken all of the time I needed to get back into the swing of things, and to make sure I follow through with all of those goals I’ve set all those years ago. I’ve always had an issue with feeling as though I wasn’t giving enough if I was writing a shorter piece (i.e. just a poem). However, I’ve organized my blog in such a way that would allow for shorter posts to be well categorized and easily accessible now. I want to get back into writing short stories, with sharing those stories with all of you. I want to work on my novel, and have a full manuscript ready one day so that I may look into options to further that journey. These things take time, all of this is a process, but it’s exciting again. I am excited again. I’ve been waking up these last few mornings excited to get back to my WIPS (Works in Progress), and there is no better feeling than that. Sometimes, you have to try harder. Sometimes, you have to take the process into your own hands.

You’ve Got Great Ideas, Now It’s Time To Implement Them

Are you someone that has been collecting potential story ideas, but you aren’t sitting down to actually write them? Or are you someone that has felt as though they need to set aside time to write in order for it to ever get done? (And by this, I mean keeping putting it off and then eventually feeling as though you’ve lost your spark). You have an idea? Run with it. Allow yourself to get excited about it. Remember how you felt in that moment, how excited you were when you took the time to write it down. Just imagine what that’ll feel like when you’ve got yourself a finished piece.

Now, For My Upcoming Writing Goals

  • I will produce quality content that I am happy with. 
  • I will get creative with my storytelling, and allow myself to post poetry, short stories, or just about any form of piece I am currently writing.
  • It doesn’t have to be entirely finished to begin sharing it. (That’s what ‘parts’ and ‘chapters’ are for).
  • I will share my writing journey in a new, and creative way as I touch on things I’ve actually written and shared.
  • Finally, I will blog more than once a week.

I do hope that this post inspires you to get back into doing what it is you love, what it is that makes you happy. This has been the one thing that has been missing from my life, and I am so glad that I’ve managed to find my way back.

Happy Writing!


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