Exercising Your Creativity, Executing Your Ideas


A book of pressed flowers,
Read like the simple, sensible perception
Of an obscure unfamiliarity,
Of entitled catastrophe.
She spoke eloquently of instinctual word
The mad ramblings of conscious clarity
The surrealism that settled in the part of her lips
As she demanded reign over her independent assumptions
Over wrinkled newspaper clippings and silken speech
There was much to be said,
As she thumbed the worn ruffles of her sundress
For winter was beneath her now.
She planted her flowers and pressed her petals
A foretaste of timeless fiction,
An evergreen end to the blossoming happenstance

Of what she had read,
Of what had been said
Of what lies ahead.

Copyright © 2018 Anisa Nasir
All Rights Reserved

“This past week has encompassed quite a bit of change in my life, all of which I needed to adjust to. Living in a new environment, working at a new job, and trying to maintain a productive schedule are all things that certainly take time to get accustomed to. I missed my blog day last week as that was the day I had moved into my new apartment. It was such an inspirational wake-up call for me, as I began settling into my new place. I thought to myself, “This is the place you’ve always envisioned. This was where you saw yourself working towards your goals.” 

There’s a different air of responsibility in learning how to stay productive, to get things done, especially when it is no longer on your own schedule. Now that I am working, I really do have to find the time to balance my time creatively, for I do not want to lose sight of the things that make me happy. I’ve been scheduling, I’ve been getting things done, and I’ve finally managed to settle down a bit. A new creative environment is simply something I cherish, for it always awakens the urge to write something extraordinary. In my new home, I feel ready to continue these projects that have been sitting on my desktop waiting to be written, I feel ready to spend my downtime reading, to appreciate the hours as they go by, and to make the most of them.

Things are about to get a lot busier, and I have to make sure I’m ready to accept that fact and learn how to balance. I gave myself a pass yesterday, as it was an extremely busy one, but as it stands right now – I am going to be doing the most with my creativity, I am going to write (even when I come home and feel too exhausted to think) even if it’s just for twenty minutes. Some progress is still progress. Sometimes, when I haven’t written something substantial in a while, I begin to feel like maybe I’ve lost my spark, but I know very well that isn’t the case. Creativity is something that needs to be exercised, and ideas are something that needs to be executed.

Stay on top of your work, make as much progress as you can, and you will certainly start to see a difference in just how fulfilling it is to do what you love.

I know it’s a bit of a short one today, but I do promise longer posts in the future.

Thank you for reading and happy writing!


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