Amidst The Blush of Literature: Paperback Prose


P A P E R B A C K  P R O S E

The subtle complacency of afternoon wonder that became her
As she sat patiently, sipping coffee on her kitchen floor
Her fingertips swept over etched fiction
The traced edges of soiled debauchery
For she thought of the ramblings, the evocative flicker of written recollection,
He had brought to her life.
She thumbed through paperback partiality, a conscious catastrophe for that of unremitting love
The hunger unraveling within her,
He had brought her to life.
She feared the likeness of wasted dreams
The tragedy that awoken vague enticement
The romance that she favoured,
And the thrill of a mess she could’ve never imagined.
It had all begun with him,
For he was the narrative she had lived
He was the reprint of her realism
The very fragment, the very phrase
That kept her wild,
That left her wistful

That let her pursue a flight of fancy,
And therein lies a triumph that was all hers
As she read of a world that ceased to exist,

And yet,
She paced
She pranced
She paraded,

As though that world was all she ever knew.

Copyright © 2018 Anisa Nasir
All Rights Reserved

(I do not own the image above).

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