Let’s Tackle This Week: A Late Monday Evening Check-In, and Lots to Be Done

“There is such thing as changing a bad habit, there is such thing as making progress you might not have seen possible prior to your efforts, and throughout your journey as a creative, there are a lot of things along the way to learn. I can certainly say that making the conscious effort to get work done has helped me tremendously, but it was my change in environment that truly elevated my work ethic, even if it is just for a short amount of time. Getting into the right mindset will do wonders for what you’re able to accomplish. Even the smallest efforts amount to something, so with all of that being said, isn’t there something you should be working on? If so, give it some much deserved time and effort before continuing to read this here post (thank you for reading it, I really appreciate it).”

It has been a bit of a slow start to the week as I am curled up in bed currently not feeling well, but I am trying to put all of that aside and be as productive as possible. I can certainly say, after all of the struggles I have had moving into a new apartment, I can finally say that it’s really starting to come together, and waking up in this bed makes me feel so content and ready to tackle the day (most of the time). I did enjoy a bit of a lie-in this morning, even though my body certainly isn’t performing as well as I’d like, but at least now I am up, feeling a bit better, and ready to get some much needed work and writing done. 

I am currently making wonderful progress with my novel, as I am quite enjoying the way in which the story is progressing, and for once I can say that I am remaining rather consistent with this one (this certainly feels great after not being able to move forward in a project for quite some time). Hopefully, in a few weeks I can say I’ve hit the 25k word count mark, or at least somewhere near there. Right now, the story is still in development, and there are still a lot of characters and plot angles I want to explore. I never like having too much of a concrete plan when I settle down to write something, for I truly believe that it comes out much better when I just let it be, play around with a variety of possibilities, and see which one fits best.

With my poetry collection, I do feel as though I am making good progress there as well. I’ve made it a mission to (for now) write at least one piece a week, and see where it goes from there. The collection itself doesn’t have too much of a definitive theme just yet, but it does feel really good to be posting something on my Wattpad Profile again. I missed the community so much, and I am glad that I am once again active, and I’ve met so many great writers along the way. It’s nice to remain in a community where I can just log on, and talk about writing for a bit. (This really helps when I’m stuck, or when I need a break from my projects for a bit). Hopefully, this week will be just as productive as last week, and I can work towards progressing these projects further and hopefully sharing them in their entirety soon enough.

As for how life is going right about now, I can’t complain. I finally feel relaxed, and in my downtime I am still finishing up “The Death of Mrs. Westaway” by Ruth Ware. It is just the kind of book I need to relax me at the end of the evening and I can certainly say it’s another great read from her so far.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I thank you for reading once again.

Happy Writing!

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