Lifestyle and Literature: A Weekend Trip and Fresh Perspective

“I’ve been saying that I need a vacation for at least the last few months, but I certainly have not taken it upon myself to actually get away for a few days so that I may actually relax a bit. Sometimes, we need to recharge a bit more than we may expect, and that is perfectly reasonable. It was lovely, spending time with family, giving myself the necessary break where I could finally get over my cold and not think too hard about all of the things that still needed to be done once I got home. Now, being back, I can say that I’ve been nothing but productive.”

She Created a Workspace She Loved

For as long as I can remember, I was never one to ever sit at my desk to do just about anything: study, write, game. However, I’ve taken it upon myself (now that I actually have some furniture in my apartment) to create a workspace that feels inviting, that ignites that wave of productivity I need in the morning so that I can make the most of my creative process and finally get this novel finished. I truly believe that the environment in which you work can have an incredible effect on how efficient you can be, and that is why I needed a space where I felt comfortable enough to sit at a desk for hours on end working towards reaching these goals of mine.

After returning from my weekend trip to Florida, I’ve been bouncing around different home decor stores and websites looking for a few pieces that would really elevate the living room space (as it’s right next to the office and in direct view). So far, so good. Have a few deliveries lined up, and from what little has already been done I can certainly say that it has made an incredible difference. Having a large desk, a place to put all of my notebooks and stationery, and eventually a place to take my mind off of work and game, really does leave me excited. I do plan on sharing a few favourites once things are a little more finished, and I look forward to taking those photos as well.

As For Travel Favourites

Upon my last shopping trip before traveling to Florida, I scoured the sale section of Holt Renfrew and picked up some sparkly Valentino sneakers that I pretty much wore traveling to and fro. As for the watch, the glasses, and the makeup, I can say that they’ve all been constants in my daily routine and not much has changed there. (I am really bad at collecting my thoughts on these things, bear with me).

Though, I can certainly say I managed to pack a bit lighter on this trip (I’m a heavy packer) and it made all the difference in the ease of traveling as it can be a stressful experience to begin with. Now, being home, I do miss Florida quite a bit, but I feel absolutely rejuvenated and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the month is like for me, both creatively and personally.

You’re Home Now, Get Writing

As I finish up here, I am going to delve right back into working on my novel, as I do feel as though it has been trudging along and I am not giving it as much attention as I potentially could – that is something that is certainly going to change. I have a good idea to start so I can only hope that it will blossom into something entirely unexpected – for both me and those who read, for that is my favourite part of this entire process. I don’t try to plan too much, just a basic outline, taking note of important story points so that I do stay on track and don’t let things run too wild. However, I like to just let it flow, see where it takes me. This novel that I am working on is not only about finishing it, it’s about having fun with it. I am going to try to not take it so seriously this time. A finished first draft is still better than just a “perfect” prologue.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading, and I do hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.


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