Lifestyle and Literature: I Need a Coffee Right About Now, Do You?

“This week has certainly drawled on as slowly as possible, and I’ve been much more exhausted than usual. However, I can certainly say that I’ve gotten quite a bit done, and the progress that I’m making, makes these tired mornings worth it. It’s on those days where the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and get going, that the push is necessary. Well, I’m here, up and tackling my to-dos as efficiently as I can.”

I can already envision my evening, after I’ve ran all my errands after work, I can settle in to nap and then partake in a few leisurely activities. I haven’t had much time to read this week, but that is definitely going to change tonight as I need to finish this book. It has been sitting on my nightstand staring at me, and I’ve been itching to continue it. Though, every day this week upon returning home, all I want to do is fall asleep. Sometimes, I skip the entire wind down process and just end up taking an early night, but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t really relax me. I am in need of a recharge evening, and I plan to do the most to feel as comfortable and at ease as possible. 

I recently just wrapped up my work term class, so I have a bit more breathing room now that I don’t have to worry about these assignments creeping up on me. I had been up last night finishing my final one, and I am incredibly excited to put that worry from my mind. I’ve finally gotten back into gaming, as I finally have a computer that can run my games fast and effectively. It has really helped to take my mind off of things at the end of the day and I am currently replaying Grand Theft Auto V’s story mode (again) before moving back into Life is Strange. Both of these games I had completed prior, but now with updated graphics and the fact that they both run so smoothly I couldn’t help but play them again.

This evening I plan to take a long bath, throw a lush bath bomb in there, and finish this reading: “The Death of Mrs. Westaway” by: Ruth Ware. I’ve spoke about it quite a bit before but I haven’t been making enough time to read it, or any book for that matter. When I haven’t read anything all day, I turn to for an article or two to keep me inspired and to keep my brain working. I am always looking for new information, new ways to challenge myself both in my writing and my personal life, and medium has always been a quick way for me to gain the inspiration I need to keep working. I’ve been posting these blog posts on my Medium account as well. It has been a nice way for me to feel as though I am both maintaining my productivity and effectively sharing my written work.

As for a bit of a beauty update, this afternoon I need to run to pick up another: Tatcha: The Deep Cleanse as it has been my goto cleanser to keep my skin both clear and soft. Since I’ve begun using it I’ve noticed an incredible change in my skin, and now I’m all out and I need to run to get more. I might take a bit of an afternoon browse around the mall if I have the time, for I am in need of a bit of calm. I am expecting another furniture delivery tomorrow, my last one for a while. I am excited to start decorating my place with a variety of smaller items now that I’ve gotten most of the furniture out of the way.

Well, I suppose that is all for a lengthy life update, and I do appreciate you tuning in.

How has your week been? What do you do to relax?

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!

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