Write The Novel: Increasing Impact and Channeling Experience

“My current project has kickstarted the urge to write stories that make the reader wholeheartedly feel something. When I began writing this novel, it was the first time I was beginning anything without seeing the end in sight. Usually, I’d have an idea of what the story progression or the ending would be like before I began. Though, this time it had been different. This time I was challenging myself to begin anew, write out of my comfort zone and maintain new character and story tropes I’ve never utilized before. I am trudging along slowly with the word count, as I’ve only just begun chapter two, but the ideas are flowing freely once again, and whenever I sit down at my desk, all I want to do is open up that document to continue.”

Writing a Thriller: How It Started

I remember what it felt like reading my first few captivating thrillers, and I knew then that I wanted to begin capturing moments like that one day. I feel as though in the past, I began writing a thriller and while it encompassed all of the mystery aspects, it never did “thrill.” The surprise factor was lacking, there wasn’t much excitement in figuring out what’s going to happen in the end. That was something I knew I had to tackle head on, for it was certainly going to help me to grow as a writer. I wanted to create an atmosphere in my writing that would cause for the reader to really question what it was that happened. I wanted it to be a case where if someone were to reread it, they’d begin to pick up on a variety of new occurrences they may have missed before. 

I liked beginning with the heat of the action. I wanted to place my characters directly in the thrill, in the mystery, even before I know how the story is going to unfold. There are a lot of loose ties when it comes to writing this way, and I spend quite a bit of time taking note of great events throughout the plot, so that everything can be neatly tied off in the end. 

Read, Read, Read.

Whenever I feel like I am not progressing the way I’d like, or the story seems to be running a bit dry, I take it upon myself to assess why this might be happening. I constantly want to learn more. I spend quite a bit of my time writing about writing because it just fascinates me so much, and I love when I stumble upon an idea (usually at a really random time) that can launch a story that I really enjoy writing. Those ideas come about because I spend my time reading, because I remain involved. Even if the day has been long, even if I’d just like to go to bed, I will still read something before I drift off to sleep. I take to articles quite well (especially productivity articles) because I always get a surge of inspiration to get back to work afterwards. Though, I’ve been working my way through novels as well, and it feels just as good if not better to finish writing a book than to finish a lengthy novel from cover to cover. Create a collection you love, books that inspire you, that will absolutely never get old. (Forever reaching for the same novels, but looking to branch out every day).

My Novel Plans

Right now I’ve been really enjoying just diving back into the document for at least 500-1,000 words a day to make sure that it is not just sitting there unattended for too long (because I will eventually lose interest and want to start over). That has always been a problem of mine, starting out with a great idea, and letting it sit too long that I just don’t know how to continue. Though, I’ve been successful with maintaining my time and effort when it comes to writing this particular novel. There are things about it that feel quite foreign to me, things I haven’t really dabbled in before, but it is all a learning experience. Any new information I learn that could potentially benefit the novel will certainly help me out in the long run as well.

Right now, we’re barely sitting at a little under 5k (because I’ve cut out a few scenes that really weren’t fitting into the story anymore), but we’re moving along. Making progress, keeping inspired moments handy when they strike, and writing away. I am looking forward to sharing more of my writing journey with you all, and I can’t wait until I can get this novel up on Wattpad

I hope you all have a wonderfully productive day, and happy writing!


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