Lifestyle and Literature: Fall Decluttering and the Rundown on Getting Ready for the Season

“Fall is certainly my favourite time of the year. I feel a vast surge of inspiration overtake me whenever it starts to get just a tad bit cooler out. It is the time where I get my best writing done, where I feel ready and capable to explore new ideas, and in turn, create great content that I absolutely love. I am quite excited to head back to University as well, as I truly miss the campus environment (and I do feel as though I am much more productive when I’m writing and or reading in the library). There’s much to look forward to in the coming months, as I have quite a bit of plans for both my personal life as well as my creative one. Sometimes, we need to recenter ourselves, find our balance once again, and do more to better the outcome of our days. That is exactly what I plan on doing, as efficiently as humanely possible.”

It All Started With Dabbling in Consignment

I never really knew I wanted to start clearing out my wardrobe by taking the consignment route until very recently. I noticed that there had been quite a few items that still had the tags on (for months) and I decided that it must be time I start looking for a better option. Little did I know, it became a lifestyle change. It’s amazing to take into consideration just how much we can do once we start. – They always say that the start is the hardest part, and once you begin, you’ll see just how easy it could potentially become. I hadn’t had work that day last week when I gathered a few items I no longer felt attached to and headed down to a local thrift store. It wasn’t long before I started organizing my entire closet, setting aside items I could potentially consign. I noticed how this little change really did elevate how exciting it was to go into my closet and only see pieces that I truly loved and wore frequently. I know that I like to do quite a bit of shopping around the Fall time, so clearing out my closet is a must, and it’s been a great deal of fun as well.

Fall is my Favourite Season to Write

Why you ask? I associate a lot of my comfortable, inspired writing with Fall because it is truly when I get my best work done. I am certainly looking forward to participating in NaNoWriMo this year, as my current project should be about wrapped up and up on Wattpad soon. This current project has been the stepping stone I needed to jumpstart my consistent productivity where my creative work is concerned and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


I look forward to what the season has in store creatively, and I thank you for joining me. 

I hope you all have a lovely day!

Thank you for reading!

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