Lifestyle and Literature: Pushing Through the Monday Blues

“Waking up exhausted on a Monday morning isn’t anything new, for I rarely get a surge of energy at the beginning of the week no matter the circumstances. I try to minimize as much effort as I can in the mornings so I can sleep in just a few minutes longer, but sometimes there’s just not enough to pull you out of bed earlier than you need to be up and about. Right now, I am sitting at my desk, drinking a London Fog, and mentally preparing myself to get a bit of work done on my novel. There will be no “I am too tired to write   at the moment” today. It will get done, just as I promised myself it would. It’s days like today that really test my efforts as well as my productivity level, for I know that sometimes you just need a bit of time to recenter yourself before you begin, but don’t let the day pass you by.”

“There is nothing that gets me up and working on a Monday morning better than something inspiring, something that makes me feel like I need to be making progress. That is what I hope this post is for you.”

My work term is slowly coming to an end, and I have to readjust to the fact I will be back at University in about two weeks time, that means another change in environment and daily routine. Knowing what classes I’ll be taking this upcoming term, I know I won’t have as much time as I do now to really get writing and or leisurely reading done. Though, as I’ve been working on maintaining a healthy productivity level, I know that this term will be different. I will find time to write, even when presented with another case of the Monday blues, because I want nothing more than to finally finish a first draft again and move onto working on something new. Nothing can inspire you more than knowing that you’re capable of doing just about anything you desire, especially if you know that you’ve done it before. Sometimes, we find ourselves at a standstill, so much so that we can’t seem to cultivate the same kind of progress we once were able to.

It’s about learning the changes and adapting to the way you’re moving forward. It may never be the same as it once was, but it sure can be much better than that. Today, I am going to focus a lot of my attention on my novel, for I had one of those mornings where the start-over thoughts started to creep in: “Why don’t you start over, I’m sure it’ll be much better the second time around?” “I know that you haven’t been putting as much time as you’d like into this piece, maybe it’s because you don’t like it anymore?” – NO.

This is something that I’ve been working on changing this entire year thus far, because that has always been a course of action I’d take when I felt as though I could do better. What I need to do is to channel that energy into finishing this here novel so I can effectively make the changes I need to in the future, all the while learning as I go along.

Right now, it’s about forgetting how tired I may be. Right now, it’s about creating something I am proud of, and upping that word count just a bit more.

I hope you all have an amazing start to the week and I thank you for reading!


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