Lifestyle and Literature: Grab a Coffee, Let’s Take a Break

“Sometimes, we have uninspired days. Sometimes, we have tough days where we just can’t seem to muster up the energy to get out of bed. It doesn’t mean that we are slacking, nor does it mean that we’ve forgotten how important all of the work and goals we’ve cultivated mean to us. I’ve been trying not to beat myself up lately when I have a day like this because the fact of the matter is – it’s just a day, a day I probably needed anyway. I woke up this morning feeling incredibly refreshed, and ready to take on the day. That’s because halfway through my day yesterday (feeling quite guilty for not getting work done), I accepted the fact that I was simply overwhelming myself. I am not a machine, and neither are you. We need to wind down a bit every once in a while, and that’s alright. So now, as I sit here drinking my morning Starbucks, let’s talk a little about the plans and how the novel is going.”


I have been writing consistently, I have been putting in the effort to get this project finished even though it may not be the best idea I’ve ever had. I started anew a few months ago because I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of finishing something again. While it has taken me a bit longer than I anticipated, it is progressing quite nicely and for that I am incredibly grateful. Sometimes, I open up the document with the will to start all over again, but I know that once I find my place in that novel again, I will pick up, and I will enjoy the process again.- This is important because it just means that I have been wasting my time starting over (so many times) because nothing truly is perfect the first time around. 

Don’t Waste Your Effort Trying to Achieve Perfection

There will always be something you may want to change, something that may seem as though it needs to be changed right now. It may be interfering with your progression because it may not have been written as well as you may want, but I have been working to just let that all go. Frankly, I may have a finished third draft and I still may want to rip and tear at entire chapters. That’s just the way things are – just don’t let it put a damper on the work you’ve already put in. Finish that first draft, and then go in and dissect. Not only will you have a better idea of what you want the outcome of the story to be, you’ll have a word count to play with, not a staggering one that stays too consistent for your liking. 

Overwhelmed? Take That Break

I know that this entire process can be tough, or that feeling as though you can be working harder can really overwhelm you, but I’m here to tell you that there are times you need to take a break. I’ve been allowing myself to get out of my head a little whenever I feel like this because I know that it’s just going to make things worse if I try to pile forty to-dos on top of what I’m already feeling. I’d take a step back, take a long bath or a long shower, curl up with a book or a good show for a bit, and just allow my mind to wander. Replenish that creative energy by taking care of yourself. When I have days like this, and I’m able to relax a bit after work (or if it happens to fall on a day I don’t have work), I just let it be. I am going to feel a bit overwhelmed, and that’s okay. I am going to feel like I’m not working as hard as I could be, and that’s okay. For when I finally get the rest I need, when I finally have calmed myself down, I know that the following day is one to look forward to. I put my thoughts towards the next day, a day I know I can start fresh, get the work I need to do done, and get back to creating. 

Write Those Plans Down

We all have something we want to achieve, and when you’re having an off day, it’s easy to feel guilty about not working towards these goals- but it’s important to realize that a few hours or even a day off can do much more good than you think. Sometimes, we pack our weekends, forgetting that we need more than just a half hour to ourselves. I try to give myself one day to just be. If I write that day, great. If I don’t, also great. It means I’m taking time to really take care of myself and my needs outside of both my work and creative work. If I’m having an off day, I try to at least squeeze in a journal entry. One that will allow me to center myself, because it’s outlining all of the things that make me want to keep working. It allows me to visualize what I am working towards, and when it comes to a day where I feel like I just can’t do a thing – seeing this just helps to encourage my dreams into fruition. 

“I can close that journal knowing that I will have a much more productive day tomorrow, I can take the break I need now, and work towards those goals upon waking up because I took care of myself first. Sometimes, you need to put yourself and your wellbeing first. So, grab some coffee, have a quick read, take a break and acknowledge it. It might truly help.”

Thank you for reading!


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