It All Starts With a Finished First Draft: A Bit of Writer’s Inspiration For the Day

“I remember when I started the novel that I am currently working on, I remember how great it felt to start again, to challenge myself – to hopefully amount to a finished first draft. For a while prior, I had been at somewhat of a standstill, where I couldn’t even fathom an ounce of consistency in my daily routine. Though, I am working. I am working harder than I ever have, and that is something to undoubtedly be proud of. I’ve allowed myself the option of having this first draft finished by November (so that I can participate in National Novel Writing Month), but I am certainly hoping that I manage to get it done before then. I’ve gotten a lot better at scheduling my writing time efficiently; pulling out my laptop whenever I can to get a few words in. I would always schedule to write at least 500 words, but I recognize that it’s time to start challenging myself a bit more. Even though I’d usually end up writing over 500 words a day, I’d still like to set out to aim for something bigger, because now I know that I am capable.”

My Plan to Finish My Novel By Mid-September

Saying it out loud makes me feel as though maybe I should give myself until the end of next month, but I know that I am thoroughly capable of finishing it if I set aside the time to work on it. I am giving myself an end date because I want to see this first draft up on Wattpad while I work on editing it further and planning for NaNoWriMo. I do plan to do quite a bit of blogging during the month of November to really chronicle my writing journey. Right now, I just want to prove to myself that I can finish this first draft because I am certainly tired of unnecessarily starting over. I am making the progress now that I said, all those months ago, that I would – and it is something for me to acknowledge. 

“The only way that first draft is going to get finished is if you make writing a constant.”

I will admit that there are times that I can make better use of the few free hours I may have, and that is something I am going to have to work on if I am to turn this half-written project into a finished first draft. After I finish up writing this here post, I am going to work on the novel, and when I get home after the gym, I am going to work on the novel. That is not “I may work on the novel” or “I’ll work on the novel a bit later” – It is going to happen because I set aside the time to do so.

I head back to University in a week as my work term has come to an end, but I do have a week in-between that I will spend the majority of it writing, researching, and getting ready to call this project a finished first draft. I hope that by this time next week I will make twice as much progress as I did last week, and be well on my way to the finish line. The novel itself still has so much potential for the angle in which the plot can take and I am incredibly excited to see how it turns out.

I do hope that you all have a productive start to the week!

Thank you for reading!


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