Vast Were Her Writing Dreams: Why I Started and What I Hope to One Day Accomplish

“I speak on why I began writing quite a bit here on my blog, but I never did divulge too many details on what it is that happened, what it is that led me to where I am today, and all that I still want to accomplish one day. – “There will always be more to write,” is something that I say quite often, whenever I feel as though I’ve begun to get a bit repetitive with my creative work. I remember just how satisfying it had been to sit and lose myself in a well written novel, and from that point on, I knew I wanted to emulate that feeling. Writing has served as a form of expression as well as a way for me to process what it was that was going on in my life. It allowed me to identify my troubles, and work through them, all the while creating something beautiful.”

When I was younger, I had been incredibly taken with fantasy book series. I always indulged in just how incredibly original the plots had been at the time and all I remember thinking was – I want to do that. I would gather a few journals and try to begin writing, trying to see where my story could potentially go. I would develop storylines that felt engaging, exciting, and I realized just how much of a difference it had made in my life. It had been such a simple action, and yet it brought me so much joy. 

Eventually, I began researching what it took to become an author: how to edit a manuscript, what it meant to keep a storyline consistent, and work on my character development. At first, I was a little taken aback, I started to second guess myself because it just seemed to be a little too hard. So, I took it slow, I got into blogging (I actually started blogging on Tumblr and then I moved to Blogger, and finally here on WordPress). I would post frequently, write a lot, read a lot – but then again, I had just entered High School. I had the time. 

I remember the first time I participated in NaNoWriMo, I was absolutely terrified. Though, I challenged myself to do more – and I did. I wrote, and I made it to 50k before the end of the month. Sometimes, I forget to acknowledge that all of these occurrences are accomplishments, and I am still growing as both an individual, as well as a writer. 

Now, life is a bit harder, it requires more energy, but I have found a way to balance my work/university life with my creative life, and I want to write. Wanting to do it is important, it allows you to get up and write even when you’re exhausted, even when you can’t think straight. I have been working towards my goals, and making progress that a year ago, I couldn’t even think about making. There was a time where putting up one blog post took more energy than I thought possible, now I am writing, now I am publishing posts, working on my novel, writing poetry, and engaging in a creative lifestyle. 

“Take note of your accomplishments, allow yourself the time to enjoy just how far you’ve come.”

There are still quite a bit of things in which I want to accomplish, and I keep note of these goals as something to work towards as I continue to progress, such as having a published novel, writing the storyline for a video game, and or working for a publication. When I take the time to write in my writing journal every day, I take the time to reflect on these goals frequently, for I want to remember that I have a goal in mind, something to work towards, and that I enjoy the journey. For now, I am working on finishing the first draft of my current project before November, and so far, it has been a consistent effort and an enjoyable process. 

Take the time to reflect, to remember why you started, it could potentially be what you need to really kickstart a consistent productive routine. It certainly worked for me.

Thank you for reading!


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