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“I certainly did not start off the week on a high note, for I felt quite terrible yesterday – and I still do today. I gave myself a pass yesterday because it had been a holiday, but I cannot allow myself to sit around and not make any progress, no matter how terrible I may feel right now. I may be a sniffly mess, but I am still determined to meet my goal of having my current novel completed by mid-september, and that means – writing even when I can’t think straight, when I’d rather be taking a much needed nap, and when I feel like nothing good will come of it. Those are the times that are going to make the most difference right now, and I’ve reached such a pivotal part of the story that I can’t leave it hanging for too long. Maintaining the momentum is half the battle, and now I have to figure out how I am going to effectively space out my day so that I get enough rest, as well as get enough writing done. Let’s begin, shall we?”

Understanding Your Limits

I woke up this morning, entirely convinced that I could meet the nail appointment I set this past week, but the moment I moved out of bed, I knew that wouldn’t be the best idea. Sitting upright in general right now isn’t the best idea, so I decided to cancel, focus my energy on getting better before I have to be up and about again tomorrow anyway. I knew that it wouldn’t do me much good to be sitting at my desk right now either, so I shifted my planner, writing journal, writing utensils, and laptop to bed. If I’m going to get anything done today, it’s going to be from this spot and this spot alone. I got out of bed, ordered a chai latte, and sat down to get some work done. I know it’s not going to be as easy of a flow as it usually is, but I can’t let myself go too long without getting some work done if I plan to finish by mid-september. 

Getting It Done

I might make a mess of the current project I am working on, or I may write something incredible that may not have crossed my mind otherwise, but the only way I’ll know for sure is if I set aside how I’m feeling (as hard as it may be) and just give myself a few minutes at a time. It may take a little longer to process things, and you may be falling asleep a lot, but that effort does not go unrewarded, for you are working towards your goal regardless. That is something to be proud of.

I personally plan on writing for about 30 minutes, resting, and repeating for as long as I can today. Take a reading break or two in there to really get the creative juices flowing, and get back to work as often as I can. I know I probably won’t be able to extend past 30 minutes at a time today, but I can still do quite a lot with that amount of time if I set myself up to progress through these writing sessions.

“Take it slow, give yourself the time to rest, and pick right back up again – whether that’d be with the work you’re doing or anything you need to get done for the day. As long as you’re putting the effort in, you’re one step closer to your end goal, and that’s more than you can say if you were to just let the day pass you by.”

Right now, I am going to take about fifteen minutes to plan out how I intend to progress through the day as efficiently as possible, and then I am going to get right down to writing so that I can put this bit of energy to good use. I left my current novel off in a place of juicy character conflict, so it won’t be too difficult to pick up and write a chapter or two as the day goes on. That is something I certainly look forward to, right here – cozied up in bed.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Thank you for reading!


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