Readjusting to a Student Schedule: Writing Confessions and Maintaining Progression

“I had been incredibly consistent during my four month long work term, and it had been such a wake up call to just how productive I could be if I utilized my time effectively. Though, now that my work term is over and I am back on campus to resume my studies, I find that giving myself the time to get anything done creatively has been extremely difficult – where I thought it would be the opposite. I somehow assumed that with my easier class schedule this semester that I would somehow have enough time to “get it all done” in a timely manner. Little did I know, this would be much more difficult than I anticipated. However, I’ve had to take the time to really adjust to the changes, to really assess where my creative time could be the most effective as well as realistic. For I did not want to put too much pressure on myself, so much so that it could potentially take away from all of the responsibilities I have on a day-to-day basis. I had to learn to balance again, balance in a way I most certainly struggled with. It won’t be an easy adjustment, but it is a necessary one at that.”

I can say that for the first weekend of the term, I’ve had an incredibly productive one. Now that I am settling into the second week of classes as well as getting accustomed to the material and scheduling, I can really start to see how important it is going to be to maintain my creative time so that I won’t lose sight of my goals. I’ve been utilizing my planner as well as my google calendar much more since school has resumed, and I have found a system that works the best for me. I make sure that I stay consistent with my journaling so that I can keep track of what I’m working on as well as to stay as motivated as possible to finally finish it. What is important is that I am putting in the necessary work to get it all done. There are going to be days where I find it hard to get up and get working as efficiently as others, but I must do something regardless. This past weekend, all I wanted to do was to get my readings done for class and settle in for a few (or too many) naps as it has begun to get a lot colder outside. The weather is gloomy, and all I want to do is to stay in bed. Though, what I actually did was get down to writing. I wrote, finished another chapter, engaged in some leisurely reading, and wrote some more. 

It is going to be interesting seeing as the week progresses and just how much time I can realistically set aside to do the things I want to do, as opposed to the things I absolutely have to do. There have been areas in which I have been lacking a bit, areas that I haven’t given my full attention to. For example, I’d wait too long to get down to writing and then write when I have very little energy to do so, thus resulting in a lot of things I will want to change later. That is definitely something I am going to have to stop doing, and if I want to see a change, I have to make it so. Right now, I am doing quite well with both my writing and academic schedule, but it is too early to tell how it is going to progress, as it has just begun. I just want to be able to keep the stress at bay, get everything done in a timely fashion and allow myself the creative freedom to do what I love.

Having a consistent work schedule had allowed me to have a consistent creative schedule because there was not much of a day-to-day change. However, University is much different, and there are going to be times where things pile up, assignments get difficult, or I just have one too many readings to get through – but I cannot allow that to completely overshadow my writing. It has done that in the past and I am not allowing it to do that again. I will give myself the necessary time I need to catch up if I’ve somewhat begun to fall behind, but I will always make sure that I find time to write. On days where it’s just too busy, I know that I can set aside a lot of weekend time to catch up – that is the difference that has really allowed me to progress in my work.

“The most important thing is to remember the importance of self-care. Especially when things get a bit too stressful, you have to take a little time for yourself to actively recuperate. I’ve been trying to set aside a bit of time every day to acknowledge that I am giving my body and mind the rest that it needs to function effectively, as well as recharging for the day to come.”

I have quite a bit to get done, as well as to start thinking about what I am going to write my NaNoWriMo novel on for November seems to be approaching quite fast. Now, it’s time for me to focus my attention on the tasks at hand, and have an incredibly productive week.

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