Lifestyle and Literature: Dealing with Off Days and a Few Words on the Creative Process

“Blogging became a part of my writing routine because it allowed me to voice all of the struggles, setbacks, and or issues I may have come across as I try to do my best to maintain my creative flow. To be quite honest, along the way it became more about “making sure I had a blog post up” than it did about the content I was producing, or allowing it to truly kickstart my writing process. Yesterday had been an incredibly stressful day, and I will admit that I let the stress get the better of me. Though, I still managed to push through. I still managed to do something. I sat for quite a while, asking myself what it was I really had to say, and it’s this: “You work according to your schedule, according to how you feel and what makes you feel productive and well. You won’t be getting much done if you don’t tend to the stressful and overwhelmed feelings you may be experiencing. It’s not just about giving yourself a bit of time, it’s about knowing when to push through.” A lot of the time, as I’ve gotten older and as I’ve begun to ask what it is I want to get out of my work, I’ve noticed such a shift in content creation. There are multitudes of platforms for people to express themselves, and I. Never. Liked. Change. My blog has always been a personal outlet for me, to really outline and chronicle my journey as a budding author. I intend to continue to put my all into my content, write from a place of true passion, and allow myself to grow.”

“It may not be as hard as you’re making it out to be.” – This is something that I’ve noticed when I have a day where I feel a bit too overwhelmed, or when I need to take a step back to really assess what is going on and how I’m feeling. I know that when I get a bit stressed, even the smallest task may seem just too gruelling to tackle. Though, those are the days in which I take a break from the to-do list and just work on the things that are either bothering me to be done, or the things I know will alleviate my stress levels a bit. I speak on stress maintenance quite a lot – because that is something that I am constantly dealing with. I am constantly looking for ways to combat my stress before I start to feel too overwhelmed to get the work done – and it has been working. I’ve made such progress in the last few months to really tap into my potential to keep working, keep on top of all of the things I love to do, and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Sometimes, changing the way you feel about a situation can really aid in helping you overcome those setbacks. Don’t look at it as, “I have so much to do.” Look at it as, “I’m going to handle ___ task and then move onto something else.” I am a firm believer that this will continue to work for me, because the whole “one step at a time” method can really allow me to focus my attention on what truly needs it instead of trying to overload myself and get nothing productive done in the process.

I started the Lifestyle and Literature section of my blog so that I could share my unfiltered thoughts about the writing process, about my journey as a writer in a way that wasn’t planned. There were some days in which I didn’t want to outline a post, I just wanted to talk about how my creative process is treating me today, and that has really made all the difference. 

The changes that I am currently trying to make to optimize my productive performance starts with getting up just a bit earlier (even if I know I have the time to sleep in), because I am well aware that on days where I know the evenings will be tied up in Uni work, it’ll be nice to have an extra hour or so to really tap into my creativity for a bit. When it comes to what I am working on, and what I am trying to do as I move forward through all of these changes all boils down to continuously trying to learn more about what it is I am putting down on paper. On days where I wake up a bit earlier and the writing just doesn’t seem to come, I want to spend that time reading leisurely – reading something I want to read (which can be difficult with all of the Uni readings I have to get through on a daily basis). I just want you to know that it is possible to work through that gruelling schedule of yours, once you stop worrying so much about conquering each and every task, and focus on what’s truly pressing at this given moment in time.

I have quite a few exciting ideas that I’ve filed away to get to once I’ve completed the projects I am currently working on, and that alone makes me want to work towards getting to the finished line. Writing, creating, in general can be a really difficult task, but I am learning to not be so hard on myself all of the time. I want to talk about the parts of the writing process that may be challenging for me, I want to explore more, I want to hone in on what keeps me working – and I want to share that with all of you. 

“It’s not about working the ways in which it used to be, it’s about learning to grow, learning what works, and honing in on the process that works for you.”

Thank you for reading!


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