On Writing: Acting On Your Ideas and Dedicating Yourself to Hard Work

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“Writing a novel is hard work, it takes dedication, commitment, and the will to continuously learn how to improve. Writing has become such a constant in my daily life, I can barely remember what it felt like to be without it. When it comes to putting the work in, or finding the time to write, it all depends on how much of your time you’re willing to set aside to delve right back into your project. I never like to let a novel stew for too long, because it eventually becomes stale and I feel the need to start again. That’s one reason why consistent progress is necessary to crossing the finish line (of the first draft that is). There will always be something else that “you could be doing” and you have to decide what’s more important to you. Prioritizing your tasks is a very important step in maintaining a healthy progressive lifestyle, and this is something I’ve surely taken into account.”

October is coming to an end already. Where did the time go? I am still trying to get my bearings about my upcoming NaNoWriMo endeavours, and I am really looking forward to having a solid idea in mind before beginning this time around. My current project is coming to a close soon enough, and I am certainly looking forward to editing it eventually (or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself). I have had quite the productive morning, finally working my way into the most important part of the plot of the novel I’m currently working on. I still have quite a bit of creative work to get through before I’ve got to work through a few of my assignments – but it’s definitely a great start. 

I remember when the idea for this novel sprung into my mind when I was least expecting it, and how excited I’d been to begin a novel that would uproot all that made writing comfortable for me. It’s been quite the journey, but I can say that this has been the most important novel I’ve written in my adult life thus far, and not because of the story’s content. It’s because it has truly taught me a lot about my capabilities, what I want to accomplish as a budding author, and the work I have to put in to get to where I want to go.

“You’ve got an idea looming, but you’ve not started to act on it, and that is why it eventually dissipates. If something comes to mind, or if you simply feel the urge to get writing – do so. Take advantage of that opportunity, as progress and effort are what matters the most in such a process.” 

I read a recent Medium Article called“Your First 90 Minutes Can Make or Break The Rest of Your Day (The 90 Minute Focus Technique) by: Thomas Oppong.

This was a really eye-opening read for me, because I was never a person to really take advantage of my mornings before (because I really could never see myself becoming much of a morning person), but what changed was how I took charge of my mornings upon waking up. I spent time journaling last night before bed, and I woke up ready to get to work. I was honing my creativity at my peak, and it definitely has shaped the rest of my day so far. So, I’d say that this technique has really worked for me, and I’d suggest giving the article above, a bit of a read.

I’ve got to pump out another chapter before the day is out, and so I’ll probably be writing during my study breaks. I am also nearly finished the novel I am currently reading, so I can’t wait to hop back on here to discuss it with all of you, as it’s been a great read so far.

Thank you for reading!


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