Poetry: “In Her Shoes” + “Clockwork”

By: Bruno Horwath on Unsplash.com

I N  H E R  S H O E S

She tiptoed through weathered daydreams

The unbidden delusion of gilded discord

As it trifled her.

Floored by fancy, by curtained naiveté 

As it toyed with her.

For she slipped, slithered, spiralled 

As the floor beneath her caved.

The taut lacings of satin ribbon unraveling 

Forewarned of saccharine dismay

Spoken in a language that needed not a word 

And yet her silhouette bedimmed by evening gloom

Her worn ballet slippers, shrouding timid whims

To happen upon travelled perspicacity.


So that she may acquiesce the very utterance of her musings,

So that one may learn to traverse wearied frailty

With the fluidity of her reticence

The descent of an inquisition wandered

Tread ever so lightly,


In her shoes.

By: Aaron Barnaby on Unsplash.com


She feared not the timeless conundrum 

Of an estranged yet familiar folly,

A wash of simple word engulfing her

In what was once an intricate tell 

Of sunken skin and breathless badinage.

An invited overture withered,

A timepiece and the tender tick

Of the hushed umbrage

That coursed through her,


Like clockwork.


Copyright © 2018 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved

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