Taking Action in 2019: Planning Ahead for a Productive Year

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“These past few days certainly did not go as planned as I’ve been in bed with the flu, but now that I’m finally feeling a bit better I can get back to work – get back to that mindset of embracing this new wave of productivity I so long to maintain this year. I had much more on my mind than a few New Year’s Resolutions, for I knew that I was finally ready to begin taking the action needed to achieve these goals. It is no longer about merely wishing them into existence, it is about working towards them, in every way I can for the rest of the year. These are goals I have always been saying that I’ve been working towards, but it’s time I actually begin to bring them to life. I look forward to quite a bit of change this year as I really give into my creativity, create content I’m proud of, and feel that fulfillment of doing what I love.”

My planner outline is a bit different with the start of the new year, as I am outlining time for both my writing goals as well as the responsibilities I have throughout the rest of my University work term. Though, I’ve managed to create a very clear layout, making sure the tasks I write down are achievable during the allotted time. I am trying to focus a lot more of my attention on filling my planner with things I know I can get done during a given day, and not trying to overload it with things I’m going to have to spill over into tomorrow’s box for they simply cannot be done. 

I find that a day-layout, or a week-in-a-glance layout works best for me, so that I can schedule certain tasks by the hour, and get the most out of my time. It can also be a bit overwhelming to have a bunch of unnecessary notes and or tasks crowding up your planner, and I’ve made it my mission to keep everything very clear and concise, focusing mainly on what needs to be done today. I find that it’s a bit difficult for me to plan the entire week in advance because my day-to-day seems to change quite a bit, and so I make ample time in the morning to lay it all out before I begin to tackle anything. That said, I still will factor in certain tasks throughout the week I know I have time for, especially when it comes to exercising my creativity. This year, I want to spend much more of my time focusing on my creativity, some of which I’ve already been doing (especially due to the fact I’ve been bedridden for the last few days).

I’ve been reading a lot more, both novels I want to complete and or articles that have caught my eye, especially if they are aiding in a goal I want to accomplish. Learning more about writing, editing, and publishing has been a consistent goal since the end of last year, and I am constantly looking to different resources to gather as much knowledge as possible as I continue to edit my book. Though, I can’t forget that I also need to be doing some writing, even though I may not have a new project outlined yet. So, I’ve been spending my time doing a few writing prompts here and there, journaling, writing poetry I will be sharing soon enough, and just enjoying it all. Not only do I want to maintain a certain level of productivity this year, but I also want to make sure that I’m actually enjoying what it is I’ve set out to do.

I no longer want to spend my mornings lost in thought about all of the things I wish I would’ve done already, and instead I want to spend that time really focusing on reaching these achievable goals, one step at a time. Having a consistent plan is necessary for me to achieve these goals, as well as working towards them a little every single day. My novel isn’t going to edit itself, I’m not going to learn more about publishing until I seek out that knowledge, I won’t grow as a writer if I don’t spend some of my time writing. It’s important to remember what it is we’re working towards, and giving yourself a time frame to achieve it can certainly be a way for you to make sure you’re doing everything you can to bring it into fruition.

I hope that you’re all having a productive start to the new year.

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