5 Daily Habits to Adapt this 2019: A New Wave of Productivity

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“I can safely say that this year has already been off to a great start, as I’ve managed to really plan out what I want to accomplish in a realistic manner as well as make ample progress to make sure that I am working towards each of those goals every day. It can be a little challenging to plan for the months to come, especially because your schedule could very well be constantly changing, but it can really put your goals into perspective if you consider where you want to be a month from now, even a year from now. I’ve made many lifestyle changes of my own that have really been changing my personal perspective as well as both my mental and physical health. I want to write content that I believe in, I want to tell stories the way I see it, without worrying so much about how they’re going to be received. That is definitely something I am going to keep in mind for the rest of the year, a consistent goal to practice what I love so dearly: writing.”

When it comes to changing habits, there has to be a certain amount of will and effort that will really put you in the right direction. If you don’t want it badly enough, chances are you won’t receive it. If you don’t work for it hard enough, chances are you’ll never maintain it. I’ve learned to really let go of my worry to not succeed at the end of 2018 (for the most part) because I was able to see just how damaging it had been to my mental health. I had a moment to ask myself why I create content, why I write, why I want to put my time into all of these activities and it’s because it is something that brings me great joy. I had to do quite bit of introspection to really come to the conclusion that this is what I really want to do, this is what I enjoy doing. I was holding myself back for far too long, and now it’s time to set that all aside and focus on making this year one to remember. 

Now, let’s talk about these habits. I’ve been there, and I’m sure we all have, where you’re going to sleep the night before and you’re telling yourself about all of the things you’re going to do when you somehow wake up bright and early (even though you probably slept at 2 A.M.). Those things never do get done do they? That’s because they’re being thought of as a whim, not a goal. Yes, you want to wake up early tomorrow, but are you actually going to try? That effort, that will to make that change is what is going to allow you to get up early, to get working on that project you’ve been meaning to return to, or to set a schedule that works for you. You and I both know that kind of change takes preparation, and quite a bit of it.

5 Habits to Adapt This 2019

  1. Establish a Plan (A Real Plan) Every. Single. Day.: Like me, you’ve probably been subject to planning somewhat ahead of time, but not actually following through with any of it. I needed to sit myself down, really ask myself what I want to do, what I need to do, and what other appointments I may have throughout the week or month. That is a habit that has stuck with me throughout the beginning of the year and one I never want to stop doing. Creating that system is a necessary step in accomplishing those goals you’ve been harbouring for so long. For me, I will take fifteen minutes to plan the day out utilizing an hour-by-hour layout physically, and then reflect it into my google calendar right away so that I can keep track of it all on the go. I don’t stick mundane tasks into my google calendar unless it is something of incredible importance. (I keep the google calendar free of the “do laundry” type of reminders).
  2. Stay Consistent: Throughout 2018, I found it quite difficult to stay consistent when it came to just about anything involving my level of productivity. There’d be days (out of the blue) where I felt a sudden surge of productivity, but I’d always failed to maintain it. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I had to tell myself that if I wanted to achieve these goals, I was going to have to change the way I handle things on a day-to-day basis. So, I opened up my planner (as I do every morning), planned the day accordingly to what I know can realistically be done, and I make sure to complete it all. If it’s in there, it’s getting done. To create that habit, consistency is key.
  3. Create A Deadline: I had a lot of open-ended “I-want-to-complete-these” throughout 2018, and it’s time that too changes. I made a list of the goals I want to achieve within the next few months, and I gave myself a deadline. Though, here’s the catch: I cannot move this deadline. No matter what, I’m not moving the deadline forward because I know that I have ample time to complete this task, and settling on that idea has really helped me to work at it every day. 
  4. Track Your Progress: This can be something as simple as looking back at your planner, habit tracker, or your journal. For me, looking back at how far I’ve come really keeps me motivated, keeps me working harder and more efficiently as time goes on. Let’s take one of my smaller goals, going to the gym. I’ve been an avid gym dweller all of last year, but after sustaining a small injury towards the end of the year, it was hard to get back at it after I’ve been gone for so long. So, I made it my mission to workout a bit every single day, even if every day is not an hour-two hour long gym session. I have a habit tracker in my Pierre Belvédère Planner that has a space for sports and exercising, and it’s been great to physically see how much progress I’ve made.
  5. Have Some Designated Wind Down Time Every Day: There’d be many days (if not all of them) in 2018, where I’d come home from work or school and go straight to bed. However, this always did more harm than good because trying to get out of bed to then go to the gym, clean, do just about anything proved to be increasingly difficult. Now, I make sure to get as much done after work or school as possible before the night routine ensues, and the time I spend in bed reading, writing, or indulging in a good television series is time I look forward to. Having designated time to do this will ensure that you remain productive when this time hasn’t rolled around yet, and that’s a step in the right direction – it sure was for me.

I hope you all are having a productive week thus far!

Thank you for reading!


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