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“I said that this year, I wanted to expand my blog content a bit and talk a little about other aspects of my life that aren’t related to writing. So here I am, with a London Fog, sitting at my desk ready to talk about a few things that I’ve been rather enjoying lately. I’m sure this may take a little getting used to, as for a long time I had a very clear idea of what my blog was about and that had been writing. Now, I want to expand, I want to speak on the little things I get excited about especially because it helps to take a break from the writing and or editing process for a bit to clear my head. When it comes to other passions of mine, it’s usually reflected solely on my Instagram and never here on my blog. I want that to change, for as much as I love speaking on the writing process, I also love taking photographs, fashion, and sharing my experiences with you all. It’s a breath of fresh air for this here blog, so grab a cup of tea and let’s chat.”

F L A T  L A Y S

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During quite a bit of my other productivity blog posts, I spoke a lot on having a comfortable work environment that would aid in just how much you’ll be able to get done. Having an area that you’re excited to go to in order to get a bit of work done is incredibly important, and it was just recently that I decided my desk space needed a bit of a change. It felt a bit lacklustre, a bit mundane, and I’ve begun to spend a lot less time working there than I’d like – so I decided to remove everything and start to rearrange a bit. It wasn’t until I started rearranging that I realized how much happier the setup made me, and so I decided to take a few photographs and eventually settling on the idea that it was also a perfect area to take a few flat lays. I’d always enjoyed how a flat lay looked on my Instagram feed, but it was only recently that I realized how much I can do with such a small space. 

A colour scheme has always been a defining factor in my feed, and one I stay true to whenever I do post (that’s probably why it takes so long before I post anything), but I’ve recently been aiding the process by utilizing pieces I know go together, even if they offset the colour scheme a bit. A hint of gold, a subtle pink hue to certain items, they add character to an otherwise simple black and white theme. As you can probably tell, I really do enjoy a few marble accents (a few?), a lot of which I got from various different places (all of which I’ll try to link or let you know where I’ve picked them up from).

Marble Desk Pad: Click Here

Marble Stand: Homesense (Canada)

Chanel Book: Click Here

YSL Book: Indigo (Canada)

Keyboard: Click Here

Pencil Holder: Click Here

Water Bottle: Icing (Canada)

Candle: Click Here

Diamond Paperweight: Indigo (Canada)

These are all pieces that I’ve been rather enjoying, and that I’ve been utilizing in various different spaces around my home. They’re a small list of favourites that I really enjoy and I know I’ll be using in a bunch of different photographs to come. 

T H E  B A G 

The YSL Kate Medium (click here) Bag in the photo had been the reason I took the photo in the first place, as I had been really excited (and somewhat terrified to ruin it) while taking it out of the box. So far, I can say that it is my favourite bag right now, it holds everything I need to carry with me, as well as remaining compact. I do like the chain feature as well, for it can be worn as one long chain, or it can be doubled. Picking it up in store was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to wearing it around, as well as featuring it in a few photographs. 

I do hope that you all enjoyed this little lifestyle post, as I’m still getting used to talking about things on here that aren’t writing. I do hope to continue to write blog posts like these, though they will not interfere with my regularly scheduled writing posts. 

Thank you all for reading!


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