Lifestyle and Literature: A Weekend Away From Editing and How I Unwind

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“My weekends are usually work free as well as worry free because I truly believe in the power of a recharge day (or days). However, as much as I love to take my mind off the work at hand, I can’t say I don’t think about it often. Even during the time I’ve set aside to focus on myself, I find my mind wrapped up in all of the work I ‘want’ to get done. I no longer feel like it’s much of a burden, nor do I find it tedious to sit down and get through another chapter of editing because I’ve been really working on changing my perspective. I’ve told myself that, “I want to relive the story a second time,” and I remind myself of that every time I sit down to edit. When the work has begun to cloud my mind a bit too much on my designated off days, I have to remind myself to let go, even if it’s just for a while. This past weekend I was really able to set aside my editing for a bit, focus my attention on taking care of myself, so when this week began I was able to work much more effectively, and get much more done than I expected I would.”

Sometimes, we just need a moment, a day to really put things in order, to focus on ourselves. I was feeling particularly stuck by the end of last week, and I knew I needed a bit of time to step away from my laptop screen for a little and enjoy a meal, enjoy the snow while its here (unless the temperatures are far too low). That is exactly what I decided to do. The timeline I’ve set up to finish editing my book has allowed for me to both work hard and take a bit of time for myself so that I can write, read, or simply just enjoying the little things. I’ve decided that I want to wrap up editing my novel before my birthday in March, and with how things have been going so far, I think that this is a definite possibility. I’ve been really enjoying going through the story, all of my notes, paying attention to all of the minute details that really make the story make sense in the end. However, I’ve been really enjoying stepping away for the weekend to focus on bettering myself, as well as mentally preparing for the week ahead. Though, when it comes to taking the weekend off, I make sure to put the extra work in during the week, getting everything I would’ve gotten done then, a bit earlier – so there is less to worry about when I’m taking a bit of a break.

This has really ensured that I’m incredibly productive throughout the week, well rested on the weekends, and back to work come Monday morning. That being said, let me tell you a little about the lovely weekend I had. It all started with a morning (well it was supposed to be a morning trip, but I slept in) trip to a little cafe called Sorelle and Co. (click here) My friend and I were able to enjoy a lovely, guilt-free meal before getting our nails done. The food is spectacular, and there are quite a lot of enjoyable items on the menu. For a non-dessert item, I’d recommend the shepherd’s pie. I’ve got quite the sweet tooth, so I’d rather enjoy all of the desserts.

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Toronto has had quite a bit of weather changes over the last few days, with the snowstorm that passed through, or the terribly cold temperatures that have really had me second guessing going outside. Though, we did get a day where it didn’t feel like -20 degrees and I decided that if we’re going out, we might as well enjoy the snow a little. The fresh blanket was beautiful, and the area near my building, wasn’t too far of a walk.

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All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I began this week ready to tackle more of my novel editing, as well as short writing projects and finishing up the book I want to write a review on. I’ve woken up every day this week, reaching for my laptop to continue working, and I really do look forward to both looking back on the progress I’ve made, but to also see just how far it can go. 

I hope you all have had a productive week!

Thank you for reading!


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