Bookstores, First Editions, and a Rekindled Spark

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“There are times where a certain spontaneous moment can rekindle a spark we thought we may have lost, when it comes to our ability to exercise our creativity or simply to continue working on achieving our goals. This past weekend has been an eye-opening one for me, one I thoroughly enjoyed for it really has reignited my will to actively write something exciting. I had never been to Hamilton, Canada prior to this little weekend trip, accompanying a friend, but when I got there I knew I wanted to explore. The architectural details around us were absolutely beautiful, and that is when I decided to start looking for a nearby bookstore. What I found went beyond my expectations, and it has quickly become a spot I know I’ll frequent for quite the times to come.”

From the time I stepped foot into Hamilton, I had felt a much needed breath of fresh air. It was so different from where I currently reside, where I work, or where I frequent the most and that in itself had been rather lovely. Though, this unplanned trip had an incredibly happy ending, as I stumbled upon a charming bookstore (after a few google searches).

J A M E S  S T R E E T  B O O K S E L L E R  &  G A L L E R Y

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The moment I made it to the front door I knew I’d absolutely fall in love with the place. There is quite the collection of lovely reads, and special finds that have brought me the utmost joy since. If any of you are near in Hamilton, Canada or have never been, please do check it out. (Click here for their website). It has been a long time since I’ve seen such a beautiful bookstore, and I know that I will have to stop in just about every time I can whenever I’m back in Hamilton. 

Being in that environment really did reignite my will to write, and as I’m still currently working my way through my novel edits, I’ve found myself rather excited to write just about anything. So, for the rest of the day I’m going to do just that. The novel edits are going to take a backseat (just for today) so I can finish up a short piece, and just write to my heart’s content. Since visiting the bookstore, I can honestly say I just feel excited to read again and I’m actively finding more time to do so in my day-to-day life. I’ve received the mental push I needed to find time to both edit my current novel, enjoy a bit of writing time, and get through my work days – and that has become a lot more rewarding than I could’ve ever imagined. I certainly did not leave the bookstore empty-handed (and I’m sure I won’t be leaving empty-handed after every visit to come), and I can’t wait to settle in and read those gems. All in all, it was a day I absolutely needed and a trip I’ll certainly treasure. 

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Now, a bit of what’s to come during the rest of this month and the next: 

I certainly plan on working my way towards a much busier blog schedule, but I am certainly happy I’ve been sticking to two posts a week (on time, usually) and I can’t wait to continue to expand my content. As I’ve said before, I want to also get back into book reviews, or just reviews in general since there are a lot of things I’ve been loving lately. I am also going to continue to share my editing journey with you all while I’m in the process of getting it ready to move forward with it, taking the necessary steps to self-publishing. (Another experience I cannot wait to share). I also want to continue to share my written works on here, short stories, poetry, etc. (asap). So, for now I’m off to write, and I’m already looking forward to heading home to enjoy finishing up the current novel I’m reading.

I hope you’re all having a lovely week thus far!

Thank you for reading!


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