On Writing: The Fight for Consistency and Content Creation

By: Christopher Gower on Unsplash.com

“Falling out of a good routine happens to us all, and every once in a while we need to find a way to pick ourselves back up again in order to rebuild. However, there are times when it seems like every time we take a step forward, a few days down the line, we find ourselves right back where we started. This fight for consistency has been gnawing away at my mind lately, and as much as I’d like to say I’ve gotten better at overcoming it – I still struggle every day. It is hard to stick to a new routine, to find time to do the things we love when life simply gets in the way, and for a while I would always beat myself up over not maintaining the level of productivity I knew I could be working at. As of lately, my focus has shifted. I don’t want to think about “how hard” it is to get this task done, nor do I want to find that particular task tedious. In a previous post of mine I spoke about perspective change, and I’m here to tell you that I’ve put that perspective change into action. It’s no longer about convincing yourself to do more, it’s now time to simply – do.”

“Why did you begin blogging in the first place?” I’d ask myself on a day where I find it difficult to string a few sentences together, let alone try to find something worthwhile to blog about. I started my blog because it was a way to track my progress in whatever endeavour I found myself in at the time. I do it because I love it, because I love to create. Content creation has really taken a turn over the years, and I’ve decided that it is not only time to start doing more – it’s time to start implementing lifelong changes into my life. I do not want to continuously find myself in a state of not being as productive as I’d like, and then happen upon a day where everything goes according to plan. I don’t want to wake up every morning with those bothersome thoughts, “I really have no idea what to blog about.” “Why can’t I think of anything new?” “Maybe I’ll get to it in a bit.” – This in itself is a struggle we all face, and I know that my mind has been a bit clouded lately when it comes to allowing myself to simply let go and create. Uncertainty is a big factor in why a lot of us struggle to stay afloat when it comes to content creation, and that is something I’m still struggling to shake off. I don’t want to be consumed by the “what ifs” and I’ve decided that within my perspective change, I am going to focus my attention on letting my creativity run wild. I want to do more, and do more I shall.

We’re starting over once more. Not a project, not a goal, but we’re simply starting over in terms of how I am going to approach things, how I am going to work towards things, and how I’m able to maintain the kind of consistency I crave. The more I think about it, the more I sit with my journal before I begin my work session, I realize that it’s not as hard as we may think it is. Getting started is the hard part, and I’ve been working to make that just a tad bit easier. Maybe it’s not a break you need to recuperate, maybe you just need to take a moment to reflect on why you may be feeling overwhelmed, on what you can do to make things better so you can find that balance.

Right now, all I crave is balance. All I want to do is more. That starts with minor changes to my everyday schedule, so that I’m not only doing more, but I’m appreciating to process while I’m working. There is so much more to writing than I might ever realize, and I am constantly learning more every day. I want to love the content I create, I don’t want to obsess over it. Sometimes, simplistic is the way to go, and once you’re putting in the time – there will be a sense of fulfillment to gain.

Now with all of that being said, it’s time for me to get back to novel editing. It’s time to get back to being excited about this short story I’ve recently written that I cannot wait to share with you all very soon. The more work I get done today, the more reason to celebrate with a French vanilla latte and a good book at the end of the evening.

I hope you all have a productive week!

Thank you for reading!


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