And So She Wrote: A Personal Narrative

By: Toa Heftiba on

She reminisced about a calm, October morning when she woke to watch the sun rise. As she held her journal in her lap, clutching her pen tightly between her pale fingers, she thought of all that had been eating away at her mind. Of the way she set aside her pain, to allow herself a moment of still repose. She could not fathom what was to come, she could no longer understand what had driven her art, what had caused her to question all that she thought she knew. There was no one around her now, no one to see what it was she wrote, as she rid herself of every uneasy thought so that she may find happiness once more. She clutched her warm cup of tea, easing the turn in her stomach as she wrote something so true, so painstakingly true that it took with it the worry that plagued her, that drowned her, that became all that she’s ever known.

It was then that she realized the importance of her words, as it gave her a chance. It gave her a chance to keep fighting, every ounce of her being tested as she moved through time, as she put to paper all that hurt her, all that excited her, all that she longed for. Every day it grew easier, to simply live a life well written, so that she’d learn to move forward. Every sunrise she sat, writing away yet another piece of her relentless mind, until she finally understood.

She understood what she needed, what made her who she was. She worked tirelessly on each and every approaching chapter, on telling a story that was undoubtedly her own. She fell in love with the way it made her feel, and she watched it aid the worst of her days, she watched as it allowed her to work through the worst of her fears, and never seemed to fail her. Her story bloomed, her love for literature grew, and she embarked on a journey to tell stories like she’d never done before. Fiction was her forte, and she thrived on creating, on writing, on living a life unlike her own. Though, she never forgot what it felt like, that calm October morning when her world began to change, when she began the journey to live a life she loved, 

And so, 

She wrote.

I had always loved to read about writing, and I decided that I wanted to take a different approach to my blog post today, so that it may read like a story. I’ve really enjoyed writing it, and I hope to write much more like it as time progresses. I wanted to write a post about why I started my writing journey, so that I could provide a daily dose of writing inspiration, as well as remind myself why I started writing in the first place. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a lovely day!


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